Taylor's Tales: Dog Days Of Summer

June and July are the toughest months of the season for many baseball players, as the weather gets hot and the schedule gets longer and longer. Michael Taylor talks about how he breaks up the monotony of the dog days in his latest blog entry.

As the first day of summer has come and gone, guys on the team start to realize just how long the season can be. We are officially about half way and as the temperature heats up so must the focus on your routine.

It is crucial that you hydrate, get plenty of rest and find ways to stay mentally sharp. If you are doing extremely well you definitely don't want to become complacent. It's important that you stick to what got you where you are and continue to improve on the things you need to get better at.

If you aren't where you want to be then you have to continue to make adjustments and grind out at-bats. Our manager said something earlier this year that is very true in the game of baseball. It is so easy to quit in this game. Mentally it can beat you down and this is the time of year when you have to take pride in your preparation and not give at-bats and games away.

Right now we are in Las Vegas, and it's 100 plus degrees everyday. Finding ways to conserve your energy while making sure you are prepared is a key to continued success or finding success.

One of the things that makes the dog days a little better is getting to see some old familiar faces, whether those be family or friends. Sometimes running into an opposing team that has some of your old buddies on it can break up the schedule. Some old memories mixed with some new jokes are a great way to pass some of the down time when you are away from the field.

Also, for me this time of the year is great because this is usually when I get a chance to see my family. They come out for about a week and you get some home cooked meals, or just some meals Para gratis! Always a nice touch plus just some non-baseball activities to keep your life in perspective.

Well thank you for reading my thoughts. I will be in touch.

Michael Taylor

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