Oakland A's Prospect Q&A: Tyreace House, OF

Throughout the 2010 season, Tyreace House has been one of the most consistent threats to get on-base in the Kane County Cougars' line-up. The outfielder's on-base percentage is nearly .400 and he leads the team with 19 stolen bases. David Malamut spoke with the speedy outfielder.

David Malamut: How has the season gone so far?

Tyreace House: Gone pretty good. I've seen the ball really good so far. The team is doing good.

DM: What's your mentality at the plate?

TH: See the ball, hit the ball. I like to work to right field.

DM: What are you working on defensively?

TH: Trying to field the ball better, catch the ball better.

DM: Offensively?

TH: We changed my stance. I was open. Now I'm closed. That's really working real good right now.

DM: Are you a natural centerfielder?

TH: I could say that, but I really like left and right as well.

DM: You played a game at second base as a pro.

TH: I played infield when I was in high school and a little outfield, and when I was in junior college I played the outfield. A man went down so they asked me to play second base. I played short in high school.

DM: What did you learn from playing ball in high school?

TH: Really nothing, because baseball was my second sport. It was the little thing to just go out there and play and just try it out. Football, I love football. Football was my first sport. I thought I was going to go to college and play football. It didn't work out.

DM: What did you learn at College of the Canyons?

TH: Baseball-wise I learned a lot. Coach Carter was a good coach, by far the best coach. He really just taught me how to play baseball. He has taught me about pitchers and just everything.

DM: You were drafted three times.

TH: That was kind of weird how I was drafted three times. I was drafted twice by the Atlanta Braves out of high school. Since I got drafted twice I figured I should go my second year in junior college and try it again, so I did and got drafted by Oakland in the 6th round.

DM: How bout being drafted by Oakland?

TH: I like it. It was really good. It is close to home. I think it is like three-and-a-half hours away.

DM: How was playing in Arizona?

TH: Hot. You lose a lot of weight. Arizona is good.

DM: How was Vancouver?

TH: It was fun. The fans were great.

DM: Travel?

TH: It was alright. It was kind of long. We had one to Boise. I think it was 13 hours.

DM: Midwest League?

TH: It is different for me. The rain, the weather. I'm trying to get used to rain now. April is kind of brutal.

DM: If you were not playing baseball what would you be doing?

TH: Going to school. My major would be business.

DM: Besides baseball what do you like to do?

TH: I like to fish. I love fishing, anywhere I go I just want to fish.

DM: Your biggest influence growing up?

TH: My dad. He did track, he did football. He gave up most of that because of us.

DM: Your baseball hero growing up?

TH: Ken Griffey Jr.

DM: Top 5 artists in your iPod.

TH: Little Wayne, Drake, Gucci, Bousie.

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