Taylor's Tales: All-Star Break Looming

It is nearly time for the All-Star break in the Pacific Coast League. The Sacramento River Cats have played their way back into the playoff race and Michael Taylor is looking forward to an exciting second half. In his latest blog entry, he talks about what players do during their mid-summer break.

With about 10 days to go until we head into the All-Star break, our team is beginning to play well and make a move in our division. Currently we are in the middle of a big three-game series against the division leader Fresno and we are trying to gain much needed ground so that we are within striking distance in the second half.

As we have won more, the season has become more fun. It always nice to come to the ballpark feeling like your team is on an upswing and everyone has an extra bit of pep in their step as we win and everyone contributes.

Everyone guy has different plans for the three-day break. Obviously the players who made the All-Star team are preparing to head across the country to enjoy that event. For the rest of us, the plans are scattered. Some guys are looking forward to going home to see their wives, kids, families and friends. Other players will find close destinations to just go an unwind, while most will just enjoy the time off, catch up on some much needed sleep and run errands in town.

After the all-star break we have a pretty tough road schedule so most guys will be looking to rest up and be prepared for that.

Well these were just some quick thoughts and I appreciate you reading.

Michael Taylor

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