Oakland A's Prospect Q&A: Murphy Smith, P

It has been an admittedly rollercoaster-like season for Murphy Smith. The Oakland A's 13th round pick in 2009 struggled to start the season with High-A Stockton but has improved since being sent back to Low-A Kane County. David Malamut spoke with Smith about his season and more...

David Malamut: How has the season gone for you so far?

Murphy Smith: It's been kind of an up and down. I struggled a little up in Stockton and am kind of just trying to figure things out again. The last couple of times out it felt pretty good.

DM: What pitches do you throw?

MS: Fastball, curveball, cutter, change-up.

DM: What's your mentality on the mound?

MS: I'm not real sure. I just like to go after hitters, try to challenge them and not walk too many guys.

DM: What are you working on?

MS: Over the last month or so, staying closed a little more. Early on I was kind of opening up with my left side. It was pulling me off the mound and leaving balls up.

DM: Always a pitcher?

MS: Yes.

DM: How was playing in high school?

MS: Our high school coach was big on just being competitive, going after guys.

DM: And Binghamton University?

MS: In high school you only need like two pitches. In college you learn a third one. I just tried to be more consistent and have a little better mental game.

DM: How was draft day?

MS: Pretty exciting. Cool, real cool.

DM: Arizona?

MS: I enjoyed it out there, just kind of meeting the brass.

DM: Vancouver?

MS: I was only there for about a week, so i didn't get to experience that much of it. For the short time that I was there I enjoyed it.

DM: Kane County last year?

MS: Totally different group of guys.

DM: Stockton?

MS: It was fun. I was struggling here and there. I enjoyed the experience up there.

DM: This year to last year in Kane County?

MS: It was my first year of pro ball so I was still just trying to get used to it, trying to learn some things. I'm much more comfortable here now, but at the same time it's still baseball wherever you go.

DM: Midwest League?

MS: I like it. All the places are pretty cool.

DM: If you were not playing ball what would you be doing?

MS: Finishing up my degree. I got about a year left in school. I'm an accounting major. I'm going to finish it up.

DM: What besides baseball do you like to do?

MS: Not a lot of time for any other hobbies.

DM: Top 5 artist in your iPod?

MS: That's a tough call. I listen to just about everything. I really couldn't even tell you.

DM: Biggest influence growing up?

MS: My dad and I have an older brother who played too.

DM: Did you have a baseball hero growing up?

MS: I don't even know if I had one.

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