Oakland A's Prospect Q&A: Ian Krol, SP

Just a little more than a year removed from high school, Low-A Kane County Cougars left-hander Ian Krol has put together one of the finest seasons of any starting pitcher in the Oakland A's chain. The A's 2009 7th round pick is fourth in the league in ERA (2.74) and he has a terrific 71:17 K:BB ratio and has allowed only four homeruns in 98.2 innings. David Malamut spoke to Krol...

David Malamut: How has your season gone so far?

Ian Krol: I've had decent success. Everything I've done in the offseason has pretty much gotten me to this point right now so I'm pretty happy with it. Got to keep working on a couple of things. Nobody's perfect, just gotta keep working hard and go with the flow.

DM: What do you throw?

IK: Fastball, changeup and curveball. My changeup is most likely to be my out-pitch. I still need to work on my curveball a little bit more because I'm getting underneath it.

DM: What is your mentality on the mound?

IK: Three pitches or less, just force contact and get outs.

DM: What are you working on?

IK: Curveball, my pick off move and trying to force contact.

DM: What did you learn at Nequea Valley High School?

IK: I really didn't learn too much at Nequea. I had fun at Nequea. It wasn't that much of a learning experience except my coach was really old school and old fashioned. He taught me a lot of things. When I got to pro ball I just learned how big of a difference it is and how much you actually do learn on the field.

DM: What was the difference between high school and the summer league in Wisconsin?

IK: Things were a lot more laidback. I didn't have practice everyday. I went up there on the weekends and just played. Things were just nonchalant.

DM: How was draft day?

IK: It was pretty crazy actually. I didn't know what I wanted to do, up until the decision that I made. Up until that day, getting calls back and forth from people, working on the computer waiting for your name to be called. It was pretty crazy.

DM: Were you happy about being with Oakland?

IK: Yeah very happy. Everything happens for a reason. If I wasn't here right now I probably would be in Arizona [Krol was committed to University of Arizona before the draft] or working summer baseball in the Northwoods League or the Cape Cod league or wherever.

DM: Would you have gone to college?

IK: Yeah. I mean what else would I have done? I have no idea what my major would've been. That is probably the main reason I didn't go to college.

DM: How was Arizona and Vancouver?

IK: Arizona is just a whole different world. The environment, the dry heat, the whole state in general is just a whole different experience. Vancouver was awesome. I had a lot of fun, very scenic, great weather, a lot of nice people.

DM: How has your Kane County experience been?

IK: I've been here before. This is my home. You always love your home. It's good. The fans are supportive. I don't really have too much to worry about. I'm just playing at home. What else more can I ask for?

DM: What do you think of the Midwest League?

IK: Pretty good. The hitters are pretty good.

DM: What do you think of you having an innings or pitch limit?

IK: It's great being on a pitch limit because that is going to limit my innings for the year, and it's going to save my arm, so it's a smart idea.

DM: Besides baseball what do you like to do?

IK: Just hang out. I'm a really lazy guy. Watch movies, go golfing.

DM: Top 5 artists in your iPod?

IK: Little Wayne, John Mayer, Kings of Leon, Gucci Mane. I listen to everything. There are so many of them.

DM: Biggest influence growing up?

IK: My dad. He encouraged me to start playing. My parents are the biggest influence I have right now.

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