By The Numbers: Myrio Richard, OF

Kane County outfielder Myrio Richard came into this season being known mostly by Oakland A's fans as the younger brother of former A's farmhand Michael Richard. However, Myrio is making a name for himself in Kane County. Nathaniel Stoltz takes a deeper look at Richard's first pro season and likes what he see.

I've already examined Rashun Dixon and Tyreace House in some capacity in other pieces this year, but Dixon and House aren't the only outfielders of note playing in Kane County.

The third intriguing prospect there is Myrio Richard, who was selected in the ninth round of last year's draft. Richard has amassed a .284/.355/.387 batting line in Kane County in his first full professional season, demonstrating a broad base of skills.

Contact skills? He's got them. Richard's hitting .284 and has struck out just 49 times in 87 games.

Power? The homers aren't there yet, as he's hit just one, but Richard has ripped 27 doubles, and some of those are bound to start leaving the yard as his body matures and he moves to more favorable environments.

Speed and defense? He's stolen 11 bases and plays a good center field.

Plate discipline? A 49/33 K/BB is solid, if unspectacular.

Richard, thus, is somewhat more than the sum of his parts. A .284/.355/.387 line doesn't jump off the page, and none of his individual skills do, but he has very few weaknesses. At 21, he's also not an older player who's just beating up on younger competition, and his showing is especially impressive considering it's his first full pro season.

How many outfielders in the Midwest League have 30 extra-base hits, 10 steals, and a better-than-3-to-2 K/BB ratio? Just four. There's Richard, top prospects Mike Trout (Angels; since promoted to High-A) and Aaron Hicks (Twins), and 23-year-old Matt Long (Angels).

That's pretty impressive company: two top prospects and one of the older players in the MWL.

If some of those doubles start turning into homers as Richard both matures and finds himself in more hitter-friendly environments, the A's could have an intriguing sleeper on their hands. Right now, Richard profiles as a Chris Denorfia-type in the majors, who can start in center or be a solid fourth outfielder. Denorfia, a former Athletics OF, has been instrumental in the San Diego Padres' 2010 success, particularly of late.

Richard, Dixon and House could be a formidable outfield trio moving up the system. House helps out with his OBP and speed, Dixon provides good pop and a decent mix of discipline, speed and defense, while Richard helps out some in almost every area. All three are capable of being solid defenders who can man any of the three outfield spots as well. It would be surprising if none of the three ever earned a starting spot with the A's.

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