Oakland A's Prospect Q&A: Chris Affinito

In 2009, Chris Affinito earned the A's Arizona League MVP award by hitting .300 with an 823 OPS in 48 games. This season, Affinito has split the year between short-season Vancouver and Low-A Kane County. He is currently with the Cougars. David Malamut spoke with Affinito about his season, his adjustment to new leagues and more...

David Malamut: How has the season gone thus far?

Chris Affinito: It's been ups and downs but it's been good, a lot of fun.

DM: What are you working on?

CA: Offensively I'm just trying to stay quiet at the plate and trying to smooth everything out. Always working on catching and first base. Just trying to refine those tools.

DM: What's your mentality at the plate?

CA: Just trying to get a good pitch to hit and put a nice easy swing on it.

DM: What did you learn from playing high school ball?

CA: For high school ball you learn how not to be an everyday player because you don't play everyday. It helps a lot from team to team if you're a starter guy or a backup, you can always look back and see how you prepared yourself day-in and day-out even though you don't have a game that day.

DM: How was playing at Seton Hall?

CA: Fun. Good experience. Nice small school, fun atmosphere.

DM: How was draft day?

CA: It was good. It went great. I got an opportunity to play, and make my dreams come true. It's awesome to be with Oakland. Great organization. I like how they have an outlook and how they have plans -- the workout schedule, the throwing program, everything. Everything they do is really nice.

DM: How was Vancouver?

CA: It was sweet. I loved it. Smaller park, great fans, great place.

DM: Playing in Kane County?

CA: Same thing, awesome. Little bigger crowd, great host families, great staff.

DM: How about going down to Vancouver in the middle of the year?

CA: It was good because I got to go down there and work on some stuff and work with Casey [Myers, C's hitting coach] and Skip [C's manager Rick Magnante] and all of those guys. I think it helped me out a lot being able to go back down there and trying to figure some things out. My swing feels good right now. There are some things that I have to keep reminding myself of.

DM: How has the Midwest League been?

CA: I like it. A lot of fun. The traveling is not that bad at all. I like going to all the different places.

DM: Top 5 artists in your iPod?

CA: Rodney Adkins, Montgomery Gentry, basically any country. Then I throw some DJ Pauly D in there.

DM: Besides baseball what do you like to do?

CA: I like to go fishing, playing some golf, playing some call of duty.

DM: If not for baseball what would you be doing?

CA: Hopefully be coaching somewhere and teaching. I love working with little kids, and hopefully when I'm done playing I will be able to do that. I would love to coach professionally or amateur. I just don't think I could ever be away from the game. It's something I put my whole life into and once I can't play anymore I still want to be involved in the game.

DM: Biggest baseball influence growing up?

CA: Don Mattingly. I loved him growing up. He was my favorite player. Just watching him how he went about his job every day and how he played, it was a great influence.

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