Taylor's Tales: Mind Over Matter

It has been a rollercoaster season for top Oakland A's prospect Michael Taylor. On his way back with the River Cats to Sacramento, Taylor blogs about overcoming bad streaks, the thrill of a big comeback and how he has grown as a player this season.

Hey again, I thought it would be appropriate to write at least one blog at 35,000 feet because it feels like I spend most of my free time flying somewhere else.

With this being our only day off after the All-Star break, it's a good time to recoup, get unpacked, have a nice dinner and enjoy a baseball-free evening for the first time in six weeks. Austin, Texas, was incredibly warm and the amount of crickets and grasshoppers was egregious, but we survived thanks to an incredible comeback on the final day of the trip. Baseball can be a funny game. Just a few days earlier, we blew an 11-run lead and we erased the same deficit to salvage a tough road trip.

It was a personal salvage day as well because I had been struggling, but that final day makes the off-day that much sweeter as I can rest on the heels of a few good swings mixed with some good old fashioned baseball luck.

We have a little under a month left and we are right in the thick of a playoff race. It should be exciting all the way to the end especially that huge five-game series versus Fresno at the end of the month. I'm definitely looking forward to how the season finishes up for us.

I received one question from Joe S. in San Leandro, California, after my last entry and it had to do with how I felt I've grown as a player during the course of this season.

I would say I've probably grown more mentally this year than an any other full season. What's great about baseball is how difficult it can be, the time and effort it takes to play and the mental fortitude you need to have to survive long-term.

My favorite quote of the year from our manager was "this game makes it so easy to quit" and that's very true. If you are not strong enough the game can beat you down but if you can persevere then your character develops not only on the field but off. I would definitely say that having to analyze myself, probably over analyzing, and fighting has helped me learn about my game, but more so has fortified my ability to deal with difficulties underneath a magnified scrutiny. It's nice to know you can still smile when that happens.

Thank you for reading.

Michael Taylor

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