Oakland A's MLN: 2010 Leaders

On Monday night, the 2010 minor league regular season came to an end. We take a look at the statistical leaders in the Oakland A's minor league system, and review the Vancouver Canadians' playoff opener.

2010 Oakland A's Minor League Statistical Leaders

Full Season Offensive Leaders
Minimum 250 at-bats

Batting Average
Grant Green, Stockton: .318
Adrian Cardenas, Midland/Sacramento: .304
Jeff Baisley, Midland/Sacramento: .301
Eric Sogard, Sacramento: .300
Josh Horton, Stockton/Midland: .298

Home Runs
Chris Carter, Sacramento: 31
Michael Spina, Stockton: 23
Dallas McPherson, Sacramento: 22
Stephen Parker, Stockton: 21
Grant Green, Stockton: 20

Stephen Parker, Stockton: 98
Chris Carter, Sacramento: 94
Jeremy Barfield, Stockton: 92
Michael Spina, Stockton: 88
Grant Green, Stockton: 87

Stolen Bases
Corey Wimberly, Sacramento: 56
Tyreace House, Kane County: 37
Archie Gilbert, Midland: 28
Conner Crumbliss, Kane County: 24
Jermaine Mitchell, Stockton/Midland/Sacramento: 24

Conner Crumbliss, Kane County: 126
Tyreace House, Kane County: 96
Anthony Aliotti, Kane County: 92
Stephen Parker, Stockton: 84
Eric Sogard, Sacramento: 75

On-Base Percentage
Conner Crumbliss, Kane County: .421
Steven Tolleson, Sacramento: .412
Anthony Aliotti, Kane County: .397
Tyreace House, Kane County: .396
Stephen Parker, Stockton: .392

Slugging Percentage
Dallas McPherson, Sacramento: .541
Chris Carter, Sacramento: .529
Grant Green, Stockton: .520
Stephen Parker, Stockton: .508
Steven Tolleson, Sacramento: .503

Short-Season Offensive Leaders

Minimum 100 at-bats

Batting Average
Royce Consigli, AZL A's: .340
Zhi-Fang Pan, AZL A's: .331
Douglas Landaeta, Vancouver: .293
Michael Choice, Vancouver: .284
Luis Baez, DSL A's: .282

Home Runs
A.J. Kirby-Jones, Vancouver: 12
Michael Choice, Vancouver: 7
Miguel Marte, AZL A's/DSL A's: 6
Michael Soto, DSL A's: 5
Luis Baez, DSL A's: 4
Josh Whitaker, Vancouver/AZL A's: 4

A.J. Kirby-Jones, Vancouver: 42
Michael Soto, DSL A's: 36
Ryan Lipkin, Vancouver: 33
Douglas Landaeta, Vancouver: 32
Royce Consigli, AZL A's: 31

Stolen Bases
Luis Osorio, DSL A's: 15
Rodolfo Penalo, DSL A's: 12
Jeff Bercume, Vancouver: 10
Luis Baez, DSL A's: 10
Neudy Clime, AZL A's: 9

A.J. Kirby-Jones, Vancouver: 61
Michael Soto, DSL A's: 35
Reynaldo Mateo, DSL A's: 32
Luis Osorio, DSL A's: 31
Wilfredo Solano, DSL A's: 30
Tony Thompson, Vancouver: 23

On-Base Percentage
A.J. Kirby-Jones, Vancouver: .417
Royce Consigli, AZL A's: .406
Michael Choice, Vancouver: .388
Zhi-Fang Pan, AZL A's: .386
Reynaldo Mateo, DSL A's: .385

Slugging Percentage
Michael Choice, Vancouver: .627
Royce Consigli, AZL A's: .487
A.J. Kirby-Jones, Vancouver: .470
Luis Baez, DSL A's: .453
Zhi-Fang Pan, AZL A's: .439

Full Season Pitching Leaders

Clayton Mortensen, Sacramento: 13
Murphy Smith, Stockton/Kane County: 11
Ian Krol, Kane County/Stockton: 10
Ryan Edell, Midland: 10
Justin Murray, Stockton/Midland: 10
Daniel Straily, Kane County: 10

ERA (ERA title eligible only)
Ian Krol, Kane County/Stockton: 2.80
Ryan Edell, Midland: 3.17
Shawn Haviland, Stockton: 3.69
Justin Murray, Stockton/Midland: 3.75
Travis Banwart, Midland/Sacramento: 3.80

Paul Smyth, Stockton: 28
Jose Guzman, Kane County: 18
Jared Lansford, Midland/Sacramento: 12
Henry Rodriguez, Sacramento: 11
Mickey Storey, Midland/Sacramento: 9

Shawn Haviland, Stockton: 169
Daniel Straily, Kane County: 149
Ben Hornbeck, Stockton/Midland: 138
Justin Marks, Kane County/Stockton: 136
Travis Banwart, Midland/Sacramento: 130

Short-Season Pitching Leaders

Nathan Long, Vancouver: 8
Argenis Paez, AZL A's: 6
Aaron Larsen, AZL A's: 5
Luis Jose, DSL A's: 5
Several tied with four wins

ERA (starters only)
Robinson De Los Santos, DSL A's: 1.73
Matt Thomson, Vancouver/Stockton: 1.94
Seth Frankoff, AZL A's/Vancouver: 2.81
Nathan Long, Vancouver: 3.10
Tyler Vail, AZL A's: 3.13

A.J. Griffin, Vancouver: 15
Victor Trinidad, DSL A's: 10
Michael Hart, Vancouver/Stockton: 7
Luis Jose, DSL A's: 4
Several tied with 2

Anvioris Ramirez, Stockton/Kane County/Vancouver: 82
Robinson De Los Santos, DSL A's: 77
Matt Thomson, Vancouver/Stockton: 71
Joselito Adames, AZL A's: 59
Omar Duran, AZL A's: 54

Vancouver Falls In Game One

Vancouver was the first of the A's five playoff-bound teams to get underway in the post-season. Despite a dramatic ninth inning comeback, the Canadians lost game one of their best-of-three game series versus Everett.

Down two runs with two-outs in the bottom of the ninth, the C's tied the game when Ryan Pineda launched a two-run homerun. Vancouver was unable to maintain the momentum, however, as the normally reliable Daniel Tenholder walked four in the top of the 10th. Everett would eventually score all four runners en route to a 9-5, 10-inning win. Vancouver will need to win the next two games to advance to the finals.

Matt Thomson got the start for Vancouver, and the regular season ace struggled. He allowed five runs (four earned) on eight hits in five innings. He did strike-out six and walked only one. Thomson struck-out 61 and walked only eight for Vancouver during the regular season. Even if the C's advance to the next round, Thomson will have pitched his last game of the season, as he returned to San Diego after the game to start classes at the University of San Diego.

Pineda had a big game at the top of the C's line-up. In addition to the two-run homer, Pineda walked twice and had a double. Douglas Landaeta's triple was the C's only other extra-base hit.

Midland Wins Second-Half Title

Having already clinched a playoff spot earlier in the weekend, the Midland Rockhounds put the final touches on a strong second half by winning the second-half division title with a 9-3 win over Frisco.

Jemile Weeks had a triple and three RBIs. He was one of four players, along with Jermaine Mitchell, Val Majewski and Josh Horton, to have two-hit games. Majewski and Mitchell also added two RBIs apiece.

The Midland starters were rested to get ready for the post-season and reliever Derrick Gordon got the start. He tossed 2.2 scoreless innings. Justin Friend got the win with 2.1 shut-out frames.

Midland will begin their defense of their Texas League title on Wednesday against these same Frisco Roughriders. By winning the second-half division title, the Rockhounds will have home-field advantage in the series.

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