Draft Analysis: The Ones That Got Away

After all the posturing, it turned out that the vast majority of the players holding out following the draft would go on to sign professional contracts. But, there were some players that couldn't be convinced to turn pro. Here's a look at some of the ones that got away at this year's signing deadline.

Tyler Beede | RHP | Drafted By: Blue Jays | Round: 1st

The baseball world knew from day one that Beede would be one of the toughest signs in the entire class. Toronto quickly found out, however, that he was a nearly impossible one. Beede's asking price was reportedly astronomical and he was highly committed to a collegiate career at Vanderbilt. As good as Beede is, he's not worth betting the farm on. The Blue Jays are not to blame for losing out on his services, as they reportedly made him a massive offer. He currently pitches in the low 90s and commands his secondary pitches, but he was asking to be paid like a polished college ace and Toronto balked at the price.

Peter O'Brien | C | Drafted By: Rockies | Round: 3rd

O'Brien entered the spring as one of the most coveted power bats in the draft class. While the power never wavered, he did show some holes in his swing that ended up pushing him down to the third round. Coming out of Bethune-Cookman he isn't your typical polished college bat, but he has the type of upside power wise that could one day make Rockies' fans regret losing out on him. There's been talk of O'Brien playing independent ball rather than return for his senior season but we'll have to see how the plays out.

Brandon Woodruff | RHP | Drafted By: Rangers | Round: 5th

When Texas took Woodruff in the fifth round back in June I hailed it as one of the best picks in the entire draft class. The Rangers also were thrilled to land a talent of this caliber this far down and were committed to signing him. Ultimately it didn't work out, however, and I expect Woodruff to become an elite college pitcher in the next couple years at Mississippi State. Texas reportedly offered him a hefty bonus of over $400,000 dollars, but a few years down the line the big righty may end up netting far more than that. He has the three pick mix, including a 91-93 mph and the large frame to one day pitch near the top of a rotation.

Taylor Dugas | OF | Drafted By: Cubs | Round: 8th

There may not be one definitive tool that stands out in Taylor Dugas' game. But, this is a very solid all around talent. He's not a star at the next level by any means, but he has a solid enough hit tool to advance quickly and be a role player at the big league level. This may be a good move on his part, however, as he has a chance to go perhaps a bit higher as a senior at Alabama in what appears to be a weaker draft class.

Blake Forslund | RHP | Drafted By: Red Sox | Round: 17th

Talk to area scouts who were on Forslund all spring and most of them wonder how he hasn't had more success at the collegiate level. With a fastball that's been known to reach the upper 90s and a breaking ball with loads of potential, Forslund's talent would indicate he should have gone much earlier in the draft. The results have been sub par, however, and Boston was probably unwilling to pay premium dollars for his services. This could be someone to watch for in terms of a breakout senior season come 2012 though.

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