Prospect Pulse: Q&A with Chip Cannon

Chip Cannon recently sat down to talk with InsideTheDome about his baseball career. Find out how his college days at the Citadel have shaped his baseball career and the chances of Chip getting on the mound again.

InsideTheDome: Could you share your experiences from last years draft? What was it like talking with the professional scouts, and how many teams were scouting you before the draft?

Chip Cannon: I was fortunate enough to get drafted. I considered it one of the best experiences I've had. I was placed in Auburn my first year, and at Auburn - we had one of the best winning percentages as a team. It's going to be a fun year.

InsideTheDome: Did you expect the Blue Jays to draft you?

Chip Cannon: You never really know, there are so many scouts looking at someone else, and you never really know. You could do something one day to catch the eye of someone, and the next night something else to impress somebody else.

InsideTheDome: How difficult is it getting used to wooden bats?

Chip Cannon: I wouldn't say its tough, by now you're a year and a half away from aluminum. With that first year, its tough, but after the first year, you've adapted pretty well.

InsideTheDome: You pitched at Citadel as well as played first base. Which do you prefer?

Chip Cannon: I kind of got thrown into the mix my junior year. We got into a situation that we didn't have anyone else to pitch and I did in high school. I got thrown in and just tried to get ourselves late into the game and tried to give ourselves a chance to win. The last two years I pitched, I enjoyed it, but now I don't have to worry about pitching on Sundays, I can just sit back and relax.

InsideTheDome: Any chances you may be back on the mound for Lansing?

Chip Cannon: No. I enjoyed it, but I like being able to relax on Sundays and enjoy the season.

InsideTheDome: How old were you when you started playing baseball?

Chip Cannon: Second or third grade- starting at tee ball and worked my way up

InsideTheDome: What is your favorite hitting drill?

Chip Cannon: I hit so much. The thing I've done since I was a freshman in college, I would get into a long tunnel, set up a tee and just hit line drives into the back of the net.

InsideTheDome: Have you played in front of crowds over 7,000 before, if not, what did you think coming out opening day in front of the crowd?

Chip Cannon: In college when you get to regionals', and at the Citadel in front of packed houses - it kind of resembles that. Once the weather gets warmer here, I'm sure there will be more people, and it will be exciting. It will be fun, and the more we win the more people will come out to see us.

InsideTheDome: Your real name is Rhame. Would you care to tell the fans why you go by Chip? And how did you get the nickname Chip?

Chip Cannon: My grandfather called me 'chip off the old block' when I was a little kid and it stuck.. Not many people know my real name is Rhame.

InsideTheDome: What was it like attending the Citadel in S.C? Do you think the military environment helped give you discipline to further your professional career in baseball?

Chip Cannon: I wouldn't say its helped me in baseball. It's a different place than normal college. You have to wear a uniform. When it's all said and done, you go to class then you go play baseball. You have the option to go into a military career, while you're there. If you do, you get commissioned as an officer.

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