The Call-Ups

Many Toronto Blue Jays fans across Canada are eagerly awaiting the arrival of some of the team's prospects. It seems every non-homer at bat by Alexis Rios or struggle by Josh Towers has fans clamoring for the likes of Gabe Gross, Francisco Rosario, Aaron Hill or Josh Banks to get a call up to the big show.

Every player struggles and a player with the all-around skill of Rios should be given every opportunity to succeed (The homers will come folks, I promise), yet eventually the Jays will call up one of their prospects, which begs the question who will get the call?

Brandon League is almost guaranteed a return ticket to Front Street, if he can iron out his control problem. Any injury to the bullpen could facilitate Francisco Rosario making his awaited debut, and the same for Josh Banks or Shaun Marcum if rough times are to ever hit Josh Towers (so far he has been a reliable fifth starter as his 23 K's and 1 BB would attest). The lineup doesn't have much room to maneuver and Gabe Gross getting called up anytime soon is kind of remote, being that the Jays have two very capable players manning his position in Frank Catalanatto and Reed Johnson.

Players like Aaron Hill or Dustin McGowan will probably have to wait a little while longer until they can play for the blue birds. Aaron Hill is currently blocked by three-quarters of the infield (that is if his rumored position change comes to fruition) which are perennials on the ball club, and it'll be interesting to see how the situation plays itself out. Aaron Hill should be up with the Jays in September or even as a starter next year. Dustin McGowan will be given every chance to completely recoup from Tommy John surgery, he is already far along the path to regaining his pre-surgery form, and has a bright future in the Jays rotation. His estimated time of arrival is hard to predict though.

With the players that Jays have on their 25 man roster as of now, the management team will most likely allow them to play through any slumps, including Rios and Russ Adams. This is still a team in transition, and management needs to see what it has before orchestrating any player movement. The 2005 season has been a relatively good one so far for the Jays as they have played competitive ball and besides a five game losing streak have been in every game and all aspects of the team and their performance have ranged from adequate to very good. This good and healthy start has not prompted any player demotion or call ups besides the inevitable one involving Greg Myers.

No prospect is ever guaranteed success in the majors, and these respective players are no different. Rosario has always been somewhat of an enigma, flashing his potential on some nights while struggling to find the strike zone on others, McGowan still has to regain his velocity and arm strength, and Bank and Marcum are still a slightly on the raw side. Hill looks more and more accomplished after every professional baseball game he plays and might be a safer bet than the others, but only time will tell, and over the course of 162 games injuries will happen and we will see the mettle of these prospects who are on the cusp.

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