Prospect Pulse: Q&A with Daryl Harang

Lori Hillman of InsideTheDome recently caught up with Daryl Harang, the brother of Cincinnati Reds Aaron Harang. The Lugnuts reliever talked about his relationship with his brother and why he prefers his role of a reliever over a starter. Premium subscribers can read the interview right now! Not a member, sign up today!

ITD: Can you give us a quick scouting report on yourself? What pitches do you throw? What's your go-to pitch?

Daryl Harang: I throw a Fastball, slider, change-up. My slider has been my go to pitch. I use my fastball as well. I have good command of it, so it just depends on the situation.

ITD: You played for Tony Gwynn at San Diego State, what was that like, and do you think that helped you get ready for the minor leagues?

Daryl Harang: I was real nervous having him as a coach, I didn't how to act. I didn't know if you act different, or act the same. He made it real easy for all the players that played for him. He cracked jokes, and broke the ice. After a few practices, it eased down a little bit. Overall, I think it did help me get to where I am a little bit. In certain situations, he taught me how to act on and off the field. I learned that from my brother too.

ITD: Your freshman year, you played first base and did some pinch hitting. What went into the decision for you to be a pitcher?

Daryl Harang: It was the coach's decision actually. I wanted to keep hitting. I love hitting. I've always been pretty good at it. Going into my sophomore year, it was Coach Dietz's idea to focus on pitching that year, the next year I could try hitting again. I never got the chance to try hitting again.

ITD: Your brother Aaron pitches for Cincinnati. How much has he helped you out in your career? Do you guys talk a lot?

Daryl Harang: He's helped me out the most. I talk to him every couple days. After I throw I call him, and after he throws, he calls me. If we both have bad games, we might not talk to each other that night, but the next day we'll talk. Certain things come up here that I'm learning, and I'll ask him, and he'll give me feedback from what he's learned.

ITD: Were you guys pretty competitive growing up?

Daryl Harang: I was more of an infielder growing up, until high school. Then I played a lot of outfield, first base and pitched a lot. I was one of the top pitchers on my high school team. As far as our competitiveness, we didn't find ourselves competing too much. We never got a chance to play against each other or with each other. I think that might have been different had that happened. I definitely look forward to the opportunity to play against him.

ITD: Can you describe your draft experience? Did you expect the Blue Jays to take you? Were you talking with any other scouts?

Daryl Harang: I didn't talk to any team at all before the draft. I talked to one team before the draft after my junior year, and it was a quick phone call asking me what it would take to get me to sign. I wasn't positive since I was a junior. I had an okay year, but I didn't expect to get picked up after my junior year. Then last year, I just wanted the opportunity to play minor league baseball, it didn't matter when and where I was drafted. I was going to sign and play and work hard.

ITD: You've primarily been a reliever, but you got a start a few weeks ago. Do you prefer coming out of the pen or do you prefer starting?

Daryl Harang: I prefer relieving. I think most people prefer starting. You only have to worry about throwing every fifth day. I just have the personality that I want to get in the game, and I want to play everyday. I want to be that guy they can use out of the bullpen two or three days in a row, and come in in tight situations.

ITD: As a reliever, you never know what day you're going to have to pitch, and you come in for tight situations, how to you prepare mentally?

Daryl Harang: I do the same thing everyday. I come to the field everyday and prepare myself to throw, unless I hear from the coach that I'm not throwing that day. Then I try to get other guys into the game, cheer for them, and pull for them.

ITD: What type of training do you do to stay in shape and get loose in the bullpen?

Daryl Harang: I try to stay strong mentally, and try not to go overboard in the bullpen warming up. For some relievers, it takes them quite awhile to warm up. It will take me 10 pitches to get ready to go into the game, it doesn't take me too much. It maybe takes one hitter for me to get hot.

ITD: What are some of your goals for this season?

Daryl Harang: To be successful, to have a good year. I want our team to do well. If you do your job right, you're going to get moved up. If you're working hard, they like that and they see that.

ITD: What things do you think you need to work on to get through the minors?

Daryl Harang: I think I need to work on being more consistent with my pitches, staying down in the zone. Mentally think about each pitch, and keeping it down in the zone.

ITD: What are some of your hobbies away from baseball?

Daryl Harang: I picked up golf. I think every pitcher plays golf. I know half our pitchers play golf. I play with my brother as much as I can in the off season. We meet up with other pitchers that he plays with from LA, and we try to meet like halfway and get a round of golf in. I love the beach, I miss it actually. I also enjoy body boarding.

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