Q&A with Upcoming Prospect Tracy Thorpe

RHP Tracy Thorpe recently talked with Inside The Dome about his outstanding season. Find out what the turning point for Thorpe was this season, his preference about what role he wants to assume in the future, and which pitcher many compare him to. All this and more below.

InsideTheDome: Can you give us a brief scouting report on yourself, the pitches you throw and how hard you throw them?

Tracy Thorpe: Okay, well of course my fastball is probably my #1 pitch, then maybe the slider, curveball every once and a while. I tried to learn the splitter but it hasn't been working for me too much so I kind of went away from that for right now, but pretty soon I'll have to go back to it. But I've been around 93-98 MPH on the gun this year.

InsideTheDome: You have been having your best season of pro ball this year. Did you change anything in the off-season workout this winter that has contributed?

Tracy Thorpe: No, actually I changed my deliver earlier this season. I started in Dunedin this year and I was over the top with my arm angle and things weren't going too well with that, so we made the decision to drop it down to three-quarters and ever since then everything's just been going really well for me and I'm having a good year and hopefully I can keep it going.

InsideTheDome: You were just promoted to Double-A, have you had to change your approach on the mound at all and what differences have you noticed with the hitters at this level?

Tracy Thorpe: I haven't really changed my approach. The only thing I've changed is I have to be more around the plate, you know the strike zone a little tighter up here and the hitters are a lot better so you've got to throw quality pitches. The hitters are better, they sit on a lot of pitches and the strike zone is a little tighter but other than that it's no different I don't think.

InsideTheDome: You were a starter early in your pro career but have recently you've been moved to the pen, which one do you prefer?

Tracy Thorpe: Well actually I prefer starting but you know whatever gets you to the big leagues. I don't care. I'll go with whichever route gets me there so it really doesn't matter to me.

InsideTheDome: Is there a pitcher in the major leagues that you would compare yourself with or view yourself similar to?

Tracy Thorpe: I wouldn't but a lot of people say that I'm more like Benitez out on the mound because of my size but I really wouldn't compare myself to him. I really have no comparison of a pitcher in the big leagues. I just try to come up and do my own thing other than that.

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