Splitsville: Ryan Patterson (v1.1)

"Splitsville" is a series of articles on the Blue Jays prospects that we'll be doing throughout their minor league careers. In version one/chapter one (v1.1) of Ryan Patterson we'll look at a variety of "splits" from his outstanding 2005 season with the Auburn Doubledays and examine his play in more detail.

Ryan Patterson was selected in the fourth round of the 2005 draft and had an outstanding rookie season with the Auburn Doubledays. Patterson played in seventy-one games and hit .339 with thirteen home runs and sixty-five runs batted in.

Slightly Better at Home: Patterson had slightly better numbers at home this past season, but that does not mean he did not produce on the road. In sixty-three away games Patterson hit .308 (41-133) with seven home runs and twenty-nine runs batted in. At home Patterson hit .369 (52-141) with six home runs and thirty-six runs batted in. On the road 39% of Patterson's hits were the extra-base hits, while at home the percentage increased to 46%.

Outstanding Start and Finish: Patterson began the season on a tremendous role batting .415 (17-41) with two home runs and eight runs batted in over the first ten games of the season. During the month of July Patterson put up an average month of production, but he exploded in August and September. The outfielder hit .366 (34-93) during the month of August and finished the last six games of the season going 7-for-20 with a home run and six runs batted in.

All Three: Patterson played all three of the outfield positions, although he projects to be more of a corner outfielder as he progresses in professional baseball. Patterson had sixty at bats as a left fielder and hit .333 with two home runs and twelve runs batted in. As a center fielder he had 152 at bats and hit .349 with eight home runs and forty-one runs batted in, while in ninety-three at bats at a right-fielder Patterson hit .348 with a home run and six runs batted in. The 22-year-old also had fifteen at bats as a designated hitter and batted .267 with two home runs and five runs batted in.

Hit All Pitchers: The right-handed hitting Patterson saw success this season against both type of pitchers. He had fifty-three at bats against left-handers and batted .358 with two home runs and ten runs batted in. Against right-hand pitchers he hit .335 with eleven home runs and fifty-five runs batted in.

Why Such a Difference: Patterson spent the 2005 season hitting mostly in the third and fourth spot of the lineup, but had vastly different results in both spots. As a third place hitter he batted .416 (62-149) with seven home runs and forty-one runs batted in, however, as the cleanup hitter he batted .248 (30-121) with six home runs and twenty-three runs batted in.

RBI Machine: With runners in scoring position Patterson batted .375 (36-96) this past season with three home runs. With runners on base he hit six home runs and batted .364 (52-143) and also connected for sixteen doubles and two triples.

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