InsideTheDome to Unveil Top 50 Prospects

With the passing of another season, the hot stove underway, it is time to release the 2005 Top 50 Prospects list. The list will be disclosed next week but before we do here is a little warm-up piece to get you ready.

The list will be disclosed in five segments starting on Monday November 14 and ending on Friday November 18. Each day we will publish ten rankings starting at No. 50 and ending with No. 1. We will offer a little blurb on each player once we release the rankings, however, the gravy will be after the entire list has been unveiled. InsideTheDome will be following the release of the prospect list with an individual scouting report on every player on the list, after talking with minor league coaches and baseball scouts to gaze their input on the player. The Individual Scouting Report will also include quotes from the players, scouts, and/or coaches. We will also have a question and answer session, which will begin on Saturday November 19, with fans able to send your questions and complaints about the list to be answered.

How was the list conducted? Several baseball scouts, scouting directors and minor league coaches contributed to the making of InsideTheDome's Top 50 Prospects. After getting the experts input on nearly 100 prospects in the Blue Jays system the list began being formed. The process took nearly forty-five days to complete and the time to release the list is near.

Who is eligible for the list? Any position player with less than 150 plate appearances or pitchers with less than fifty innings pitched, and that have spent less than forty-five days on the 25-man roster, excluding the month of September, are eligible.

What did you look for when making the list? First and foremost the input of the ‘experts' was taken in great consideration. After logging their thoughts we took a look at the players' stats in-depth and career performances. The list is based on a players' overall potential to have a successful career in the major leagues, and his overall potential as a baseball player.

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