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Brace yourselves folks! The American Thanksgiving Holiday is here! If you're in Canada you are probably saying "so why are you telling me, we don't celebrate it or benefit from it."

Well, that is not totally true. Throughout the Thanksgiving Weekend, is making all of our content FREE. That's right…no premium stories, and for me no emails for the next five days asking to make a specific article free and not premium.

Once again, everything is free! Dig back into the archives. Read all of our content, including exclusive player interviews, prospect lists, and player evaluations from the last six months. Check out our premium chat transcripts. In fact, we'll make it easy, below are ten links to some of our most recent premium content.

1) Scouting Report on our 49th ranked prospect: Jason Armstrong

Here is a scouting report on Jason Armstrong. Our reports not only analyze the prospect, but they also include quotes from the player as well.

2) The Top Five Prospects of the Arizona Fall League

These are the top five prospects in the Arizona Fall League. Four more segments like these are in our story archives.

3)InsideTheDome's Top Ten Blue Jays Prospects

Here are the Top 10 Prospects in the Blue Jays system. You can access Prospects #'s 11-50 in our story index.

4) Preview of the 2006 MLB Draft

Our first of several dozen pre-draft features previewing the 2006 MLB Draft. Our premium subscribers will enjoy individual features on the top high school and college prospects heading into next June's MLB Draft over the next few months.

5) Ryan Patterson's "Splitsville"

Splitsville is a series of articles in which we analyze the players performance in more detailed statistics. We have done several "Splitsville" articles this off-season and there are many more to come.

6) Guillermo Quiroz Talks to ITD From the Arizona Fall League

One of the Blue Jays top prospects talks to InsideTheDome in an exclusive interview.

7) Erik Kratz Talks with InsideTheDome

Another interview conducted by InsideTheDome.

8) Another example of our player features as Kyle Yates Talks to ITD

Just one example of the many features we do on the Blue Jays prospects, as we talk to hurler Kyle Yates about his outstanding 2005 season.

9) InsideTheDome Catches up with Ryan Roberts

Yet another feature on one of the Jays' top prospects, we talked with Ryan Roberts about his breakout 2005 season.

10) Feel free to check our full archives yourself

But do it quick. You only have four days to stuff yourself full of the premium stuff. Come next Monday, the evil publisher of this site will flip the switch and the good stuff becomes premium again. So try us out. Our archives are chock full of the good stuff and we are letting you read it through the weekend. Enjoy premium access courtesy of the staff

For those of you in the United States, enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday! For those of you in Canada, please enjoy our free preview week!

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