InsideTheDome Draft Coverage Begins Today!!! Draft Coverage begins today with a preview article on the entire draft, and a special focus on the Blue Jays.

The staff at InsideTheDome has spent the last two weeks talking with Scouting Directors, Area Scouts, National Crosscheckers, College coaches, and to players themselves in preparation for our draft features.

Over the winter InsideTheDome provided features on the top high school prospects eligible to be selected in the 2006 draft. Now we will provide you with up-to-date information on the draft, as well as special selected player features on the top collegiate players in this draft.

Today we opened our coverage with a preview article on the draft. Over the next few days we will provide you with special features on the top collegiate players, and will also tell you the players the Jays are looking to draft.

Remember, just like year, 'ITD' will feature exclusive interviews with the players that the Blue Jays select in the 2006 draft.

Combined with the draft coverage, ITD will continue to bring you daily information on the Blue Jays farm system with our 'Minor League Notebook', special player features, and our daily update on the Toronto Blue Jays with our 'Inside Pitch' reports.

Premium Subscribers so far this month have been able to read features on Curtis Thigpen, Brian Wolfe, Mike MacDonald, Jason Armstrong, and also what Ryan Patterson had to say after his career 6-for-6 night.

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