InsideTheDome to Launch Top 50 List Wednesday

This coming Wednesday and InsideTheDome will launch its annual Top 50 Prospect Rankings.

The annual rankings are compiled after extended discussions with baseball executives, scouts, managers and coaches. This year's rankings were the toughest to crank out as 75 minor leaguers were in consideration for the Top 50.

HOWEVER, that's not all you will get on Wednesday. InsideTheDome, for the first time ever, will debut its Top Teens Rankings. With the Blue Jays extremely active in the International Market and many players under the age of 20 displaying extreme potential, we felt a Top Teens Ranking would be necessary for readers to establish the best young prospects in the Jays system.

BUT WAIT, InsideTheDome also has a few other features that we will launch that day. What will they be? You will just have to log on Wednesday to find out. Make sure you log on early and often as stories will be published throughout the entire day.

REMEMBER, only premium subscribers will be able to view these exclusive features.

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