Friday's Postgame Quotebook (Lansing)

Postgame quotes from Lansing's record setting victory on Friday.

Josh bell went 1-for-3 tonight. His hit was the second long ball and sixth RBI of the year for him.

InsideTheDome: Since last year you transitioned from catcher to third base. Is there still a learning process that is taking place for you out there?

Josh Bell: Yeah, mainly just reading the ball, that's the hardest part. It gets on you so fast, so you just have to be able to read it and then just working on my footwork. So, once I get the footwork down hopefully I will be able to catch the ball a lot better.

InsideTheDome: Going off what you have said about learning to read the ball and having the footwork - you had a sharp bouncer hit to you in the top of the fifth inning. From your learning, did you know whether or not to bare hand that ball to make the out?

Josh Bell: No, they teach you the speed of the runner. I knew the runner was a catcher, so he probably wasn't going to be that fast. So because of that I knew that I had some time (to go with the glove). If it was a faster guy I was going to have to bare hand it. So knowing that it was a catcher I knew that I had a little bit more time.

InsideTheDome: Last year you got a concussion after a collision at the plate. Are there any residing effects from that?

Josh Bell: No, no. It took about two and a half months and then after that I was fine.

InsideTheDome: Do you miss pitching? (Josh pitched in Auburn)

Josh Bell: No. Well, I miss doing it but I would hate to not be able to be out there every day.

InsideTheDome: Your favorite player is Frank Thomas. What have you implemented into your game from watching him and is it more fun with him being a Toronto Blue Jay now?

Josh Bell: Just watching his swing. He has close to 500 career home runs in the big leagues, so that's a great accomplishment right there. It's also kind of cool because we went to the same college (Auburn University) and everything. I got to meet him and it was a great experience, but hopefully he stays around a little bit longer and one day I'd be on the same team as him.

InsideTheDome: Better Auburn Alumni as a baseball player, Bo Jackson or Frank Thomas?

Josh Bell: I don't know… Frank has a couple of MVPs doesn't he? I think I have to go with Frank, but Bo was a great Athlete. It's tough though.

InsideTheDome: What is going to be Auburn's football record this year?

Josh Bell: (Laughs) LSU is going to be tough, so I would have to say they'll lose one or two games. I'll go with 11-1.

Zach Dials had another stellar pitching performance tonight. He went five solid innings giving up just two hits and striking out four. His four-seam fastball was what he was using to get ahead early clocking at upwards of 94 mph while using his sinker to attack the batters.

InsideTheDome: As a team you have won nine in a row now. What are you doing to keep focused?

Zach Dials: I think everybody is finally getting into a routine. We really gel well and play well together. It's just good to be around everybody.

InsideTheDome: The game got a little bit closer than I'm sure you would have liked down the stretch. At any point did you start to worry?

Zach Dials: No, not at all. We had the lead and so anytime you have the lead you're in control, so I don't think anybody worried too much.

InsideTheDome: It seems like there is a new member of the team to step up and do their part defensively every night. Is that the best thing you can hope for behind you?

Zach Dials: Yes, definitely. Especially because I am a sinkerball pitcher I have to have solid defense and everybody is pulling their weight and showing up to play every day.

InsideTheDome: You were trying to get ahead of the hitters as fast as you could using your 4-seamer, was that the initial plan?

Zach Dials: Well, I know that from the last few games that they take the first pitches. So, I just went off that to get ahead in the count as much as I could. Once I got that first pitch strike, I just started then to use my sinker. The only time I went back to my 4-seam was when I went up and in on them in a 0-2 count.

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