Sunday's Postgame Quotebook (Lansing)

Read today's postgame quotes from Lansings first home loss of the season.

The Lansing Lugnuts lost their first game of the season at home on Sunday afternoon. Kyle Ginley failed to get past the fourth inning. Inside the Dome caught up with manager Gary Cathcart for his post-game reaction.

InsideTheDome: Ginley had a little bit of trouble getting ahead of the hitters today. What are you going to be doing to work with him about that?

Gary Cathcart: Well, guys are at this level for a reason. They've got things to work on too. He's a young guy and hasn't pitched a lot. He pitched a lot for us last year after he signed and has plenty of arm, but like a lot of guys at this level he just needs to smooth his delivery out and understand how important strike one is.

The offensive highlight today was catcher Brian Bormaster. He went 3-for-4 with two doubles while scoring and driving in a run.

InsideTheDome: You had a very good offensive day today. Would you attribute that to having the last few days off and being able to see Beloit a little bit before going out there?

Brian Bormaster: I've been around baseball for a little while now, this is my fourth year of pro-ball. I got some good pitches and I hit them. I was looking for something that I could hit and I just took a swing. I don't know if I want to attribute it to fresh legs because I went through spring training and I caught every day. Some days you're hot and some days you're not. I was hot today, so I will take it.

InsideTheDome: I talked to Zach Dials earlier and he said he really enjoys when you catch for him. Is there anyone in particular that you like to catch for?

Brian Bormaster: I just want to take care of my pitchers. If I get the nod to catch for them for that day I just want to take care of them and get them through the game. They all have good stuff and it makes it easier for me. However I can help them I'm here to do that too.

InsideTheDome: You have a degree in psychology. How has that helped you on and off the field here for the Lugnuts?

Brian Bormaster: I know how to help people, but I can help myself (laughs). I just try to stay even-keeled with everything. No highs no lows; have fun and play hard. That's what I'm trying to do

InsideTheDome: You transferred from Rice University to Tulane University. Why did you do that and did you end up being happy with the choice?

Brian Bormaster: It just wasn't just a good situation for me at Rice. It put me in a platoon situation again and plus I was five minutes from home if I needed to get away. Tulane was a good spot for me and I don't regret it at all. I loved it!

InsideTheDome:: Since you're from Texas - If I told you that the University of Texas was giving 10 1/2 points to Oklahoma for this year's Red River Shootout, who would you take?

Brian Bormaster: Texas, for sure. Longhorns all the way, baby.

InsideTheDome:: Who was more exciting to watch in Texas Kevin Durant or Vince Young?

Brian Bormaster: Ohhh (sigh)….tough. I'm going to with Vince Young because I like college football more than college basketball.

After the sluggish bats today, Inside the Dome caught up with Charles Poe to talk about today's performances.

InsideTheDome: Kyle Ginley had another rough outing today. From your perspective as the hitting coach, what do you think happened?

Charles Poe: Today he left the ball up and tried to get ahead with the fastball but they were just right on that. His outing wasn't as long as it could have been and he just left some balls up and they hit them hard. Credit to those guys, they had to bust out sometime too because they hadn't been swinging the bat well. In baseball you never know what the day is going to be and today was their day to break out.

InsideTheDome: Brian Bormaster had a good hitting game today. What did you like about his performance today?

Charles Poe: He doesn't play that much and he's a professional. The guys know how to get themselves into a good position to put good swings on pitches. That's what he did today in the game and credit to their guy (Cole Devries) because he threw a very nice game. He (Bormaster) ran into a couple of balls and made himself look really good. He's kind of slow around the bases so I think he could have made a triple out of it, but that's all right.

InsideTheDome: We're seeing a really good one-two punch from Travis Snider and Brian Pettway. What about the other guys in the lineup? How have you felt about their production thus far?

Charles Poe: It takes more than just a one-two punch; you have got to go through the whole nine. If you get past those guys (Snider and Pettway) then you have got someone else behind them that puts the ball into play and moving the runners over. The first nine games we did that, but we got beat today and that happens. They came out and put on a very good hitting display, you know? I'm just happy we still had some fire in the tank in the ninth and starting making a rally.

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