Postgame Interview with Travis Snider

Travis Snider went 2 for 4 on Friday night, snapping an 0-for-11 mini-slump that occurred after a stretch that saw him go 15- for-27. Snider was awarded the Midwest Player of the week for his offensive performance last week. The outfielder sat down with InsideTheDome after Friday's game, as did manager Gary Cathcart.

InsideTheDome: You were named the offensive player of the week last week. How did that feel?

Travis Snider: Obviously it is really good to have those personal accomplishments and win the award. I definitely wanted to be in that position, but at the same time, that was last week and we have kind of hit a rough spot in our play as a team. Hopefully we can come together and fight our way back through it and just worry about picking each other back up.

InsideTheDome:You went 2 for 4 tonight, but you were 0 for 11 in your last two games on the road. Are you starting to notice if opposing pitchers are starting to throw you differently? Are they attacking you with maybe more off speed pitches and breaking balls?

Travis Snider: It's just going to happen. You are going to go through those periods of time and at bats where you're not seeing pitches as well. I'd say that I have been having trouble picking up the off speed pitch especially from righties out of their hand. I continue to hit left handers pretty well. For the most part it has been right handers. Tonight, I saw the pitches great and it is nice to be back in your home ball park and have a good background to pick pitches up. At the same time you are going to have those periods of time where you go 0 for 11 or 0 for 13. You just have to battle through them.

InsideTheDome:I know that Burlington is one of the smaller parks in the league. It sounds like you may have had some issues with the batters eye there?

Travis Snider: All excuses aside, definitely. It is a small park and a small batters eye. Definitely during the day games it is tough to see it out of the pitchers hand. At the same time, you have to go out there and battle every day and you have to put the elements aside and just go out there and compete. That's not something that I was able to do during the last two games of the series, but I'm going to put that in the past and just continue to grind every day on every pitch and good things will happen.

InsideTheDome: I know that you guys had a day game in Iowa yesterday and you got back at a reasonable time, but is it hard to have a nine hour bus ride back to Lansing and then have to get ready to go for a game the next day?

Travis Snider: Well, the bus trips are long, but we have such good guys on this team that we make the most of those seven or eight hours that we spend together on a bus. I think for the most part, I wouldn't use that as an excuse for the loss tonight. We played hard and the bounces just went the other way. I know that everyone's out there and they are going to continue to compete and grind away. Hopefully we can get back on track and get back to winning more ball games.

InsideTheDome: Last question Travis, you guys have committed 24 errors in the last nine games. With you guys struggling a little bit offensively, do you feel that maybe guys are pressing a bit in the field?

Travis Snider: Errors are going to happen. I would say that as a team, myself included, that there have probably been some mental lapses that we have addressed as a club. Especially on that road trip, we struggled a lot and were making a lot of errors. Being on the road for our first eight game road trip, those things are going to happen. We've just got to continue to take it game by game and play by play. We'll just go out there and take every ball the same way instead of overcompensating and trying to do too much. I did it tonight when I over threw third base. I think we just have to pick each other up and build off each other and not allow those things to compile and distract us through out a game.

The following is feedback from Lansing manager Gary Cathcart following his teams 9-5 loss to the Clinton Lumberkings on Friday night.

InsideTheDome: Gary, you guys were able to break one streak tonight which was that you had gone 22 innings without scoring a run, but the bad streak continues and that is that the team has committed 24 errors over the last nine games. Do you feel that guys are pressing in the field?

Gary Cathcart: We always preach that you can't take your offense out on the field and I hope that is not what is happening. Our defense is a big concern right now. We've addressed it, we will work on it, and it has got to get better. It's costing us a lot of extra outs and it is a lot of extra pitches that our guys have to throw. We definitely have got to catch and throw the ball a lot better.

InsideTheDome:Not to make an excuse for it, but you guys had a nine hour bus ride back from Iowa yesterday. I know that you got back at a decent time, but do you feel that may have had an effect on the outcome tonight?

Gary Cathcart: No excuse. We got back at midnight and that is our regular schedule anyway. We had a good pre-game today and everyone was ready to play. We played a decent ball game, but a couple of errors cost us, a couple of situational pitches cost us,, but I thought that we played a decent ball game.

InsideTheDome: Not that Ginley has pitched that bad, but the defensive has been a little spotty behind him and he has been giving up a lot of runs recently. Is there something that you guys see mechanically that is causing that or is it maybe needing to add to his repertoire?

Gary Cathcart: No, I think it is more that he needs to learn how to pitch in situations. He was cruising right along until the fifth inning and got ahead of some guys, but made some bad pitches. We're working on that and addressing that and talking to him about it, but they need experience in these situations. These guys haven't pitched that much. The more they are out there and the more they are ahead in the count and there are runners on base and the middle of the order is up and you have to make a quality pitch. The more they are in those situations, the better they will get.

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