Jays Will Draft Highest Available Talent

Today we begin our 2007 Draft Coverage. In our first Draft Notebook, we outlined how the first round will take shape. In the second draft notebook we talked with Jon Lalonde to find out more about the Jays plans in the upcoming draft.

The 2007 draft is just three weeks away. The Blue Jays have not developed a formal draft list yet, but this much is known. Their approach for the 2007 draft will be to draft the high rated player available.

This will be a big draft for the Blue Jays as they possess multiple picks within the first 60 selections. Toronto's first selection will be the 16th in the first round, and they will then have another pick in the first round, the 21st selections. Toronto then has two more picks before the second round officially begins. The Blue Jays will select 38th, 45th and finally make the 56th selection.

Toronto will also have a pair of selections in the second round, drafting 21st in that round (86th overall), and then making the 24th pick (89th overall).

The Blue Jays draft staff will make later in May to actually create their draft board, but for now, their philosophy will not change.

"Since my involvement with the draft began our philosophy has always been to select the most highly rated player we had available when our turn came to select," said Jon Lalonde, the Blue Jays Scouting Director.

Despite needs in the infield at the parent club level, Lalonde does not view the draft as a quick-fix approach.

"Given the time necessary for a player to work through the minor league, attrition due to injury or lack of performance, selecting for need can be very dangerous. Our thought process has been, and will continue to be, to select the best available player regardless of position."

"We will begin our formal meetings at the end of May in preparation for the draft at which time we will physically begin to put the draft board together."

The scouting staff has looked at each threshold that they are selecting in, and have already pointed out a few players they have discussed multiple times.

"We have isolated groups of players in the first round and compensation round that staff members feel strongly about. The primary reason for this constant communication is simply to ensure we have secured an adequate number of opinions on players of particular importance."

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