Friday's Postgame Quotebook (Lansing)

On a night where Yuber Rodriguez continued to hit well - with his third home run this week – he came up a triple shy of the cycle. However, the Lugnuts fell 13-6 to the Great Lakes Loons even with the Loons committing four errors in the field. InsideTheDome caught up with manager Gary Cathcart for his post-game comments on the game, Rodriguez' progress, and the injury update on Travis Snider..

InsideTheDome: Ginley seems to be able to get through the lineup the first time around but once they bat around and come back the second time he really seems to struggle. Is that due to them figuring him out ?

Gary Cathcart: He struggles some times early in the game but it is all about location. They've got enough stuff. Fastball and breaking ball is good enough but these guys just need to command their pitches and that's why they are here.

InsideTheDome: Travis Snider was out of the game tonight. Could you comment on the status of his finger injury?

Gary Cathcart: Day-to-day. He's got a little bone bruise due to getting jammed on the road trip. We're just trying to get him in there as quick as we can. That's one of those things where we have to make sure he is ready before he comes back.

InsideTheDome: You guys seemed to have a lot of trouble with two outs tonight. What do you think you can attribute that to?

Gary Cathcart: You know, it's funny because it's like he (Ginley) was like a completely different guy with two outs. It's frustrating for us, I'm sure it is frustrating for the kids - but that is why they are here. We just have to keep talking and teaching everyday and hopefully it eventually sinks in and they can execute it on the field.

InsideTheDome: Paul Phillips lately has been coming in during non-save situations. Are you just trying to get batters for him?

Gary Cathcart: Yeah, we have got to keep him sharp because he is our closer. We go a few weeks without a save situation we can't leave him out there. We have to make sure he stays sharp. He might be out there tomorrow, so we got him in there tonight and he threw about 13 pitches and hopefully that was just like a save situation. But, we have to keep guys like that sharp who pitch at the end of the game in close situations because if you give them three or four days off they lose their feel. They are pitching at such a critical time of the game that they have to be sharp.

InsideTheDome: One of the good things the past few nights has been Yuber Rodriguez. He seems like he has a little better swing as of late. Is that just from putting the work in?

Gary Cathcart: He's getting ready to hit. We've talked to all the guys about that, him especially, and it has been little mechanical things that he has been working on. He is getting his foot down and then taking his swing instead of the total opposite and doing them both at the same time. He has improved immensely and it almost looks like a different guy. That's the guy (Yuber) who I haven't seen in three or four years. During rookie ball, I saw that the first year through the whole summer. He has struggled since then but I like where he is at because that is the player he can be.

InsideTheDome: It really does look like a different guy up there as of late. He is laying off pitches he would normally have swung at. What are your thoughts?

Gary Cathcart: When guys get ready to hit and slow themselves down at the plate - everything slows down. The whole game slows down. All the sudden your judgment at the plate gets better and the strike zone gets better. I just want him to understand why it is that he is having success right now. It isn't just happening like that, it is happening for a reason and that is because he is doing some things a lot better than what he was.

InsideTheDome: Yuber has returned to the top of the order. Is that strictly from hot hitting?

Gary Cathcart: Just a hunch. You sit there, especially on the road, in the hotel putting lineups together for a couple days at a time trying stuff out. We haven't been doing very much offensively for a long stretch. The only time I have ever seen him (Yuber) hit is as a one, two, or three hitter. We are going to keep going back to that because that is what he is this year and that's when he is at his best. I don't really know what has happened since then, but he is really dangerous at the top of the order. He has got so many tools. Nobody runs like that. He has got power too and it just a matter of him staying within his approach that he has got and he can do some damage.

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