Snider Getting Ready to Return to Lineup

Toronto Blue Jays first round draft pick Travis Snider is currently recovering from a bruised thumb that occurred during the Lugnuts recent road trip to Wisconsin. The injury is not severe enough to put him on the disabled list, but it recently has put his status at day to day.

"I got jammed on a few pitches over in Wisconsin," said Snider. "It was windy and it was real cold out. I was having some problems in general with some inside pitches when I was getting jammed bad."

"I was in some pain for a couple of innings. My fingers were numb through the third or fourth game over there. A couple of days ago, I started having some pain on contact and they decided to shut me down for a couple of days".

Snider should return to the lineup in a few days, however, as he is slated to start taking batting practice on Sunday with the team. His return to the lineup will be dictated by the time that it takes for him to make pain free contact with the bat.

"(Sunday) I will start my progression and take some batting practice," stated Snider. "We'll have to see how it feels after I start making some contact, but right now it feels pretty good".

Lansing manager Gary Cathcart admits that it is nice to have Travis in the line up patrolling right field, but he will not be rushing the youngster back into the lineup until they are certain that he is ready.

"We're just trying to get him in there as quickly as we can," the Lansing skipper said. "That's one of those things where we have to make sure that he is ready however before he comes back".

Even though Travis is taking this time to rest his thumb, he is still working on keeping himself in game shape in preparation for his return.

"I've been throwing and running and making sure that I'm staying in game shape," stated Snider. "I haven't picked up a bat too much though, so they are going to progress me into it and make sure that I'm ready to go, but I feel good and I'm excited to get back out there".

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