FieldView: Thomson Wants to Start in Majors

Today's edition of FieldView features John Thomson and the reason he expects to either start for Toronto or be released/traded. FieldView also takes a look at the recent streak of Russ Adams, the promotion of Howie Clark, and more.

Let the Good Times Roll: Chief string together fifth straight win

Break up the Chiefs. It's the longest winning streak of the season. Syracuse sank Norfolk 7-6 Wednesday night behind another strong start from John Thomson.

Should I start to get excited? Well, I'm not a very optimistic person, and a short streak isn't quite enough to change my opinions. We'll see how long this thing lasts. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but I see changes for this team. And you know the old saying, it ain't broke don't fix it.

Time for Thomson

John Thomson did it again on Wednesday. Another quality start, six innings, no earned runs. His key was first pitch fastball for strikes. And as always, he got the ground balls. Two double plays got him out of the first two innings. He didn't walk a single guy. Thomson gets it done by keeping the ball down and that's been his M.O. in every start of his I've seen.

So what will it be? What's Thomson's fate? Let's be fair, he doesn't want to be in Syracuse. He's an established major league pitcher. With Dustin's encouraging start on Monday, and the brilliance we've seen out of Litsch and Marcum, where does Thomson fit in?

"I didn't sign here to pitch out of the bullpen," said Thomson, "it was discussed before I signed. I was either going to start or be released."

Thomson wouldn't go as far as to say that he's auditioning for other major league teams right now. He's just unsure of the direction the Blue Jays are going in. Thomson made no bones about it though. He's not in Triple-A because he's a minor league pitcher, he's coming back from a shoulder injury, period. There are a lot of teams that could use his services right now, I'm just hope to hell it's the Blue Jays and not somebody else.

Adams Ball

Russ Adams is tearing it up. If you're looking for someone to pin this recent winning streak on, look no further than the Chiefs' every day second baseman. Spanning that streak, Adams has four multi-hit games. Tonight he had just one, but it was a big one. He took an inside 88 mph fastball from Tides' starter Garrett Olson and put it over the picnic area in right.

It makes you wonder if and when his promotion is coming. Adams has been a second baseman all year, but with the injury to Royce Clayton, some think he should get another shot. I think John McDonald is a nice player, winning teams need a John McDonald. I don't really care that he hasn't had all that much success in the majors, I believe in second chances. He hit a homer off a highly thought of left-hander today. It's time people start taking notice.

Hello Howie

So Howie Clark is a Toronto Blue Jay. You're probably asking or wondering how that happened. Well, first off, full disclaimer, he's a great guy. Easy to talk to, very personable, kind, polite. I've only talked to him once, and I he's one of the humblest athletes out there.

That being said, that doesn't always translate to big league success. I tried to put two-and-two together and asked Doug Davis if his call-up had anything to do with the Clayton injury because Clark has played some shortstop here. I was wrong. Davis explained that Clark is another bat the Jays can use with interleague play right around the corner. His versatility, he can play middle infield and the outfield makes him a huge plus.


Mike Vento is hurt again. He has a bruised left leg. He thinks he'll be able to play tomorrow. Chad Mottola finally hit a home run at home. He crushed an inside fastball to the power alley in left almost hitting the electronic scoreboard. Jordan De Jong struck out three in the ninth inning to get the save. Davis said that Neal had worked a lot lately and he wanted to give him a day off. Plus, he likes to give De Jong the ball in a save situation every once and a while.

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