Baksh Believes He Has All Five Tools

Mississauga ON native, Jonathan Baksh, recently joined the Lansing Lugnuts roster from short season baseball in Auburn. This is the 22-year-old's first time playing full season baseball. Baksh still believes he's a five-tool player, despite the fact that he hasn't hit a home run in pro baseball.

"Being a Lugnut is absolutely amazing," said Baksh. "I've never played it this kind of atmosphere, with this many fans, it gets you pumped."

Baksh still has some adjusting to do in order to become acclimated as a pro-ball hitter. He is currently batting .280.

"We're trying to work on getting his hands into position and getting the ball out in front of him and put it in play like he did tonight with his sac-fly that was a really big play for us," said hitting coach Charles Poe.

"Offensively I'm looking to improve my approach at the plate," said Baksh. " I seem to be a pretty free swinger; I've never walked a lot in my career. I'd like to be more patient and disciplined at the plate."

Baksh said he just recently became comfortable with base running abilities. He had his first steal as a Lugnut in the sixth inning of Friday night's game versus Fort Wayne.

"What I use to do was get steals based on speed, just jumps," said Baksh. "But at this level, you can't do that, so I've been getting good jumps lately. "

Defensively Baksh is looking to improve on his range as he hopes to prove himself capable of being a starting centerfielder.

"I'm really looking to improve on my ability to move back on balls," said Baksh. "This is something that can only really be learned in game time situations."

Baksh has yet to hit a homerun in his short minor league career.

"I've never been a big home run hitter, but I am capable of doing it, I do have plus power hitting," said Baksh. "So it's something I'd like to get out of the way, especially to prove to the organization that I can do it."

In 2006, Baksh was named the male scholar athlete of the year by maintaining a 3.5 GPA in accounting.

"That's just always been instilled in me my entire life, to work hard in school," said Baksh. "There were no easy classes at my school and my coach made it clear to me that I had to keep my grades up to be able to play and maintain my scholarship. "

Although Baksh was drafted before he graduates, he plans to finish his degree.

"This obviously is my dream, but it's nice to have that back-up plan," said Baksh. "I do have one more year left, but that's something I plan to do as soon as possible, probably during the offseason."

Poe has noticed that Baksh is a hard worker both in the classroom and on the field.

"He's a hard working guy and comes ready to play every day," said Poe "One thing I like is that he's not scared to work. When I'm headed out to the cage, he's already out there. He'll be an interesting player to watch for, I'm excited to see more of his at bats, because that's all he needs is just some more at bats."

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