FieldView: No Luck for Lind

Today's edition of FieldView takes a look at Adam Lind, Sergio Santos and more

It's always better to be safe than sorry. It's not really a good idea to bet the kids' college funds on 35 black. If you're doing that you have issues. I would seriously consider checking into gamblers' anonymous.

The Toronto Blue Jays are taking the route of most sane people in the world. They aren't willing to risk the farm with Adam Lind right now, and why should they. The left fielder hasn't played a lick since hurting his melon Monday night trying to make a sliding catch. As far as I'm concerned Toronto and Syracuse can both mail it in from here on out. Sure a nice finish would be great, .500 campaign for the Chiefs, an 85 win year for the Jays, but let's not cheer for these outcomes while jeopardizing the future of the club.

The Chiefs wrapped up a 4-2 homestand by dropping the finale 7-4 to the Rochester Red Wings Thursday night. The status of Adam Lind was just one of my observations from the night.

Lind taking it easy

Adam Lind is recovering from a concussion. He hasn't done a single baseball related activity in three days. To my knowledge, he hasn't even been in uniform the past couple nights.

Now Manager Doug Davis still maintains that Lind is day-to-day. That might not sound all that serious, but it is. He reiterated to me that this isn't a case of the Jays organization coddling their prized prospect. A player in Lind's condition right now could be playing on a pennant chasing team, and he'd still have to shut things down for a while.

"He isn't close to being back", said Davis, "It's a priority that Adam's 100-percent when he gets back. It's to the point where we got to get him back out there doing batting practice and catching fly balls to make sure that his equilibrium is fine. He wouldn't be out there right now, regardless of situation."

Gustavo Chacin Take Three

Gustavo Chacin made his third rehab start Thursday night. Syracuse took the diapers off Chacin in this one, stretching him out past the target sixty pitch count. The lefty tossed four innings and allowed just a run.

He showed much more command of his two-seam fastball, something that eluded him in last start when he plunked a batter and walked two. His cutter started to come around in the later innings he worked too.

Davis admitted to me that Chacin is a shell of his former self right now.

"He's not by any means near where he once was."

The hope is that the strength program he's on in between starts gives him a big lift. The velocity is down in the low 80s, not that Chacin is Joel Zumaya, but the more he works, the harder they expect him to throw.

You know Sergio?

Sergio Santos is back in a Chiefs uniform, and the team will put him to good use. He's going to play short, and the plan is to play him everyday. Ryan Roberts is slumping right now, so I expect his at-bats to drop off. Plus, with Roberts' versatility if you want his bat, you can pretty much stick him anywhere on the diamond.

Quick Note For those out there who like positive Russ Adams' discussion, here's one for you. He turned an incredible double play Thursday when he ranged to his left, sprinted to touch up second, and then in one motion spun and jumped to get the runner at first. He still plays second like a shortstop. He can cover a ton of ground to his left, but has problems moving right. Doug Davis agrees that he's come along way in a year over there. I would happen to agree.

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