Prospect Pulse: Sit-Down with Travis Snider

Travis Snider sat down with InsideTheDome over the weekend to talk about his second half, his view on a possible promotion, the difficulties of playing full-season baseball and much more.

InsideTheDome: How are you adjusting to this long of a season now that we're in the second half?

Travis Snider: It's been fun for me, just because there have been a lot of guys around me who have been through the same experience. We have veteran guys who have been a couple of full seasons and you can learn a lot from them. Even in just the everyday routine, they stressed in spring training that the routine is what is going to get you through, and that's been able to keep me going and the guys around me have kept me going as well.

InsideTheDome: What kind of adjustments have you had to make in your game survive the schedule?

Travis Snider: Definitely just taking care of your body and getting rest. Enjoying life, but at the same time understanding that you have to go to work almost everyday and it's a long grind. Especially the coaching staff has done a great job to help show me the way.

InsideTheDome: You struggled with thumb and back problems, how are you holding up physically?

Travis Snider: Physically I feel good. I think it's just a little bit here and there you hit the wall. It's just part of the season, hopefully I come out next year and stay healthy for a whole season. Just the little things that have taken me out of the lineup luckily have not been serious.

InsideTheDome: When we spoke to you earlier in the year you said your goal wasn't to be focused on being moved up, but rather to be ready for when it does. Are you feeling a lot of anticipation for that call?

Travis Snider: There's always anticipation no matter what level you're at. For me it's been a real challenge, whether you're in low A or triple A you have to go out and play hard everyday. Obviously you think about those kinds of things to a certain extent. When I show up to the yard here in Lansing I focus on my team and we've had a pretty good second half so far. I'm happy where I'm at. When we last spoke I said the same thing, the Blue Jays are going to make those decisions and I trust them to make the right one.

InsideTheDome: If they moved you tomorrow would you feel ready?

Travis Snider: Oh yes. I've been ready since day one. But if they need more time I'm good with that.

InsideTheDome: What kind of personal goals do you have for the rest of the season?

Travis Snider: Numbers wise, just to continue to play the way I have and try to limit the slumps. Those short little five to ten games where you just aren't seeing the ball as well or whatever, just to limit those because they're going to happen. I've already been through one big one and a couple of small ones. For me, it's been a mental challenge, but C Poe [Charles Poe, Lansing's hitting coach] has been great working out in the cages with me. I have the right people around me to help keep me consistent.

InsideTheDome: Prospect wise you've been compared with players like Cecil Fielder and Joe Mauer, how does it feel to be in such company? Lots of pressure to perform?

Travis Snider: I wouldn't say pressure. Just to be compared to players like that it's a real honor. You take that into the weight room or into the yard with you and carry that sense of pride and honor in everything you do.

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