Whacks and Kudos: We're off the Schneid

Some thoughts on the *season* so far.

Well, we've won *a* game. What are the ups, downs and ramifications of this after what might be termed kindly a horrendous three games?.

For one, Marquis should better his standings where it counts, the manager and the pitching coach. He already has solidified support from the anxious fans.

The bats are more active. Vinnie has surprised. Javy has given hope that he may be *Javy* again, always a well liked Brave. Chipper's hitting (no surprise) Gary, while not the Gary we hoped for is getting on albeit only singles and walks, so that has brought a bit of a smile to the *desperate* fan's faces. After all, we were only a 7 run inning away from an 0-4 start. Brave fans know that the 0-3 start wasn't seen since 1988, part of the very hungry years.

One of the ramifications that must be addressed is the *failing* or *falling* attendance. So much of that is being blamed on the economy, the war and yet we all know that during hard times, the public wants to be entertained more than ever, even if just to take their minds off what's happening about them.

Yes, they will be selective on how they spend their throw away bucks when there are less of them and the performances of the Braves for the first three games of the season have *NOT* been entertaining. Watching paint dry or being subjected to Chinese water torture will not bring out fans in droves, especially in these times.

It will be interesting to see Saturday night's attendance after the win and the come alive bats. Will it be enough, combined with the Cy Maddux on the mound to bring the numbers up to par? Or will it continue to drag, hanging on each and every game and maybe even each and every pitch?

And which story will the decreased attendance tell management? At best, the fans want a better product on the field and will not support a team that tried mightily to destroy itself during the offseason with bobbles and bad signings, trades and poor damage control. Think anyone has forgotten Millwood? And for what, to see Hampton and Byrd sitting on the bench?

Or will management foolishly say to themselves, "Well, no one's coming out to the games, we'll have to cut back some more? (as though signing Hamton and Byrd to $ 58 million dollars is cutting back? Bah, humbug.)

More wins will bring out more fans for sure, but enough fans, that is a question to be answered.

Meanwhile we go for our second win with a frightening bullpen, a *one* game improved offense and the star of our staff. We'll try to forget that the only two performances that have been worthy on the pitching mound came from underpaid, minimum wage *children* and hope our $15 million dollar lame duck incumbent will join them.

As an afterthought, the horrible announcing by what's left of the TBS crew may drive more people out to the park, although I'm sure that wasn't the intent. :>)


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