Whacks and Kudos: Anybody else getting scared?

Joan has very little kudos for the Braves this week. *WHACK*

Some thoughts.

This isn't funny. We're not just losing. We're getting slaughtered. Davy Crockett and his bunch did better at "The Alamo" and there weren't any survivors there.

Sorry, there will be very little kudos so far, mostly whacks. Another whack to Maddux. Yes, he's our Cy Young man, but after the holdup and the $14.75 million dollar contract for ONE year, I can hear whispers, "we should have let him walk."

Glavine rebounded from his opening day fiasco, while Maddux magnified his into a horror show of a game where one could only feel pity for the crowd that was forced to sit through two innings that pounded the game and Maddux into a sure loss and boredom for the rest of the evening. After all, there is a limit to how many beers you can drink and there is that drive home. You know the hour that seems like five after a shelling that takes your team to a 1 and 4 start.

The bright eyed bushy tailed still holler, it's only five games, but one wonders if the team that was put together in the winter *may* be bad. After all, going over the moves, (except for Maddux) is this so surprising?

No Millwood, Glavine, Remlinger. Moss tossed. The bench with the staring faces of the wounded, Hampton and Byrd, stare out with dollar signs on their faces that say, "we may have thrown away $58 million dollars."

The offense is consistently, yes consistently bad. I have to whack them and the Boys of Winter again. Where was our impact player? Actually, most of our *old* players are making impacts all over the league, but not at the Ted.

We stood mostly pat, except for the acquisition of Fick at first and I think we've learned one million for one year doesn't bring a *superstar* who will bring life to a very dead offense.

When we needed the usual consistency in our pitching, we decimated our rotation and our bullpen. Where we needed a change in our lineup, we foolishly remained consistent on paper and on the field, scoring few to no runs and the pitching that has brought division titles every year for eleven seem to no longer be able to win games 1-0, 2-1, and so forth. (maybe because most of them were thrown away)

Thinking sanely, everything could have been predicted, except Maddux. But, then again Murphy's Law says why not?

Rotation destroyed, bullpen decimated, offense not regenerated and the one bright spot left has disappointed more than can be believable. We wonder, will we hear about an underlying injury or is this just an aberration? Even if Maddux reverts to form, is there a team left to root for?

The privates aren't much and the General has fallen. I'm scared and I ain't ashamed to say it. JS and Cox should be too. They built this team and they did a lousy job this winter. They may be gathering the very sparse crop that they seeded.

Last night wasn't a pretty sight. It was the culmination of an ugly week. Does a new week start on Sunday? I certainly hope so. 157 more games like this and the stands will be a ghost town. JS, Kasten and Cox deserve it after an ugly winter. The fans don't.


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