Whacks and Kudos: Some Kudos At Last

Some kudos at last as Horacio wins his first game and Furcal leads the hit attack against Brad Penny and the Florida Marlins.

No, it wasn't a shutout, but Horacio Ramirez first big league win was as much a boost as a no-hitter and couldn't have come at a better time.

He actually took us to the bottom of the first without losing and after what's been happening lately that's a big thing. He didn't explode when some shoddy defense could have caused a young kid to falter. He was workmanlike, held a much needed improved offensive attack and gave reason to hope.

Directly behind him in praise was our old ROY, the much loved Raffy leading the attack with a four for five day. Ficky became an official Brave with his first homer, Andruw joined in and Shef. came alive.

There is hope...even with a 2 and 4 record. Smotzie got some much needed work and didn't implode as a *certain closer* in NYC bombed out to blow the game. (Okay, so I'm enjoying the Mutts blown save. Misery always did love company)

Our record still keeps us in last place, but with no one starting with a 5 and 0 beginning, the teams are bunched together and any sudden surge and we could be sitting at the top, staring down at the other teams like real Braves.

No, there is no cockiness here from *one* win. Only relief to see some offense and a rookie with guts that will be needed until the DL clears out. which incidentally may be as close as Thursday when reports say Byrd may be ready to take the mound.

That may not necessarily be a good thing as too many did not think the signing a good one, *but* he is a Brave and if he is indeed healthy, we might as well find out if he will contribute to this team. With one eye half closed, I await his return, but right now I'll dwell on Sunday.

As I said yesterday, hopefully, it started a new week, a week of winning and a return to the form that won eleven straight titles and earned kudos every week for most of its players.

It ain't so much fun to *whack* around 25 men, a manager and a GM after every game. Remember when dad says, this hurts him more than it hurts you? Well, maybe he wasn't lying after all.

When you love a team, it *does* hurt to have to whack them after cringing for two or three hours in disgust, horror and sadness.

This Sunday is not one of those days. IT'S A GOOD ONE. Kudos again to Horacio. I predicted him as Rookie of the Year in 2003. So far, the kid's making me look good. Horacio's first Major League victory couldn't have come at a better time. After the embarrassing double-digit loss suffered less than 24 hours earlier, the Braves offense displayed a little attitude and production to help Ramirez notch the win in a 13-4 victory over the Marlins It may not have been his best outing, but it was certainly good enough on a day that the Braves' bats got off to a roaring start.

Tonight, Brave fans across the world will sleep a little better.


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