Whacks and Kudos: Get Me My Hammer!

Whack! Whack! Whack! The beat goes on as we fill our rotation with more invalids than a hospital ward.

I see no reason not to whack JS over and over, so he can join the mess he has made of our rotation.

Byrd and Hampton sitting side by side. WHACK! No one threw a ball. Not even one. WHACK! The fans all sat and cried. WHACK! And now it's worse, Byrd is done! WHACK!

Fans listened with mixed emotions as Byrd's impending surgery was announced. Well, they rationalized, "Maybe it's better than if he'd pitched." Yeah, and maybe they're right, but was it necessary to spend $ 10 million dollars to feel *not so bad* when it's announced that one of your major cogs in your rotation will be out for 2-4 months?

Hey, let's sign all the worst players in the world, so we won't feel bad when they can't play. THAT'S A PLAN!!!! Problem is, it seems to have been John Schuerholz's plan.


And now on to Shane Reynolds, 35 year old *veteran* (getting to be an ugly word) injured much of 2002, released by Houston in Spring Training, a proven *loser* in postseason, even in his prime, on DL June 14, 2002- remainder of season (Okay, I thought it was worth repeating)

JS just scooped him up. The diehard defenders of management cry out, "well, it's low risk" Ask Marquis, ask Horacio, ask Hodges (who put in a better performance than any of Maddux's and will now not be allowed to start any games)

It's high cost, wasting time, cash and screwing up the heads of the future of the Braves. Does anyone really think that Shane Reynolds has anything to do with the future of the Braves? Does anyone really think that Shane Reynolds will come close to the performance put on by Hodges, a rookie who could be around for a long, long time, instead of being in the bullpen, AAA or possibly traded as he gets lost in the mess of prospects that are sacrificed for *veterans.*

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! There are not enough whacks for JS this week to satisfy me. If Shane Reynolds does anything other than stink up the place or live on the DL, I will be here, glad to apologize in a column dedicated to JS

Unfortunately, I don't think that will be on my agenda.

However, on the agenda will be the WEEKLY REPORT CARD coming out after tomorrow. With a little luck, Ortiz will add to his excellent start this week with another one and rocket his grade to an A+

C'mon, Russ, we need you. At this point, we have no one else to rely on.


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