EXCLUSIVE: Braves scouting West Coast Players?

BravesCenter Major League Correspondent Stephen Webb reports that Braves Scout Jim Fregosi was in attendance at Saturday's Dodgers/Giants game.

On Saturday night, I thought I was just taking in a Dodgers/Giants game from amazing seats. I was able to see Barry Bonds, Shawn Green and get a close look at former Braves pitcher Damian Moss. Little did I know I'd be "working."

Sitting a couple of rows in front of me was none other than Braves scout Jim Fregosi. Fregosi (former Angels shortstop, former Phillies manager, and rumored to be a possibility for manager when Bobby Cox decides to call it quits) was clearly at the ready with stopwatch and clipboard in hand, keeping a close watch on the game.

A brief conversation with Fregosi confirmed that he was at the game on official Braves business, but he declined to disclose who was on the radar. From my vantage point, I could see him taking notes throughout the game, and on more than one occasion he was observed timing Marquis Grissom run from the batter's box to first base. Grissom (signed as a free agent by the Giants), however, wouldn't be a logical target of interest because he is ineligible to be traded until June 1st.

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