Braves on pace for 90 wins

Bill Shanks looks at what the Braves are on pace for after the first third of the season.

The Braves are 30-24, so they are on pace for a 90-72 record.

Here are what the players are now on pace for:

Martin Prado - .282 - 21 HR - 96 RBI
Comment: Not bad production for a second baseman playing left field. And those who said Bobby Cox was crazy for predicting in 2006 that Prado would hit 20 home runs one day please admit it now!

Chipper Jones - .251 - 12 HR - 87 RBI
Comment: The average has taken a hit in May, but will we complain if he finishes with 12 HR and 87 RBI? I won't. Just got to keep him healthy.

Alex Gonzalez - .274 - 15 HR - 48 RBI
Comment: The defense has been outstanding. He better win the Gold Glove. And heck, if he can hit .274 and deliver 15 HR I think we can be happy with the defense being so good.

Brian McCann - .295 - 18 HR - 81 RBI
Comment: That's a typical McCann season, with the home runs down a bit. But he continues to be one of the best catchers in the game.

Freddie Freeman - .249 - 15 HR - 45 RBI
Comment: The defense has been outstanding. He could well be a GG candidate in his first season. I'm not concerned about the offense. I think he'll get better as he goes along and we'll finish near 20 HR and 70 RBI.

Dan Uggla - .180 - 21 HR - 48 RBI
Comment: I really don't know what to say. It's been an awful two months. We just have to hold out hope he can get hot and wonder what this team will be like when that happens. Cause we really don't know yet.

Nate McLouth - .238 - 9 HR - 33 RBI
Comment: Well, it's better than last year but that's not saying much. If Jordan Schafer continues to play the way he has in the last five games, I don't think McLouth is going to get his job back.

Jason Heyward - .214 - 21 HR - 42 RBI
Comment: They desperately need him to stay healthy. He was awful before he went on the DL, and we've got to hope that is because of his shoulder. But they need 25 HR and 70 RBI out of him.

Jair Jurrjens - 21-3 - 1.51 ERA
Comment: He's a Cy Young candidate with his start.

Tommy Hanson - 15-12 - 2.80 ERA - 33 starts
Comment: On pace for a very good season

Tim Hudson: 12-12 - 3.95 ERA
Comment: We'll see how he does Monday, which could be important.

Derek Lowe: 9-12 - 4.03 ERA
Comment: He knows he has struggled and needs to get back on track

Craig Kimbrel - 45 saves
Comment: He's going to drive us nuts doing it, but how can you complain about 45 saves?

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