The Case for Tommy Hanson

Tommy Hanson deserved to be on the All-Star team. And here's some proof from The Atlanta Baseball Show's Bill Shanks.

With all the players not going to Phoenix for the All-Star game, and therefore all the replacements going, you will hear a lot of "Well, you're not going to have any snubbed players left out this year."

Well, that's just not true.

Atlanta starting pitcher Tommy Hanson was definitely snubbed. He deserves to be on the roster for the National League. He should have been on the original roster, and he definitely should have been named as one of the replacement.

On Sunday Pittsburgh's Kevin Correia of Pittsburgh was named to replace Philadelphia's Cole Hamels, who pitched Sunday and was not eligible to pitch in the game on Tuesday. But since Hamels was a player's pick, they had to use the next pitcher on the list, which was Correia.

And then Sunday night, MLB announced that Hanson's teammate, closer Craig Kimbrel, was replacing Matt Cain, who also pitched on Sunday. The feeling was Kimbrel, who leads the NL in saves, could warm up quicker since he would be used in the game later anyway.

That left Hanson out, which is ridiculous.

Hanson leads the National League in opposing batting average allowed, with a .190 mark. The next closest pitcher is Hamels, who has allowed a .207 average this season.

Hanson's 6.097 stat in hits allowed per nine innings pitched is also the best in the NL. Again, Hamels is next, and it's not even close (6.968).

Hanson is also second in the NL in WHIP (1.016), third in ERA (2.44) and in strikeouts per nine innings pitched (9.494), tied for fifth in wins with 10 and eighth in strikeouts with 109.

Hanson's 2.44 ERA is the seventh-best in the majors, and he's the only one of the top nine in ERA that is not on the All-Star roster.

In fact, the other pitchers on the NL roster are all right there with Hanson on the statistical leaderboards, but he's the only one not going to Phoenix.

Hanson's success since last year at the break is also worth noting. He's now 12-10 in 33 starts with a 2.48 ERA. Hanson has allowed 146 hits in 203.2 innings, with 56 earned runs, 57 walks and 178 strikeouts.

And with that success, Hanson's career ERA is now under 3.00 - at 2.99 in 72 starts since June 2009.

All of that, and he's not going to Phoenix. But it's obvious that Hanson should be.

Bill Shanks hosts The Bill Shanks Show on WPLA Fox Sports 1670 in Macon, GA and WCOH Fox Sports 1400 in Newnan, GA. Shanks is a columnist for The Macon Telegraph. Email Bill at and follow him on Twitter at

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