Prospect Rankings: Top 20 Hitters

Who is the number one hitting prospect in the Atlanta Braves organization? Check out our Top 20 hitting prospects list, a part of the Top 40 list of all of the prospects in the Atlanta Braves Organization.

Instead of a Top 40 list of all the prospects, has decided to break our list up into a Top 20 for the pitchers and a Top 20 for the position players.

The list was compiled using several factors: current performance, proximity to the big leagues, and overall potential. A player with more overall talent and potential may be a bit lower on the list if another player is a little closer to the big leagues. Also, a player with better potential who is not currently playing well may be a bit lower until his play improves.

The lists will be updated bi-weekly.


1. ADAM LAROCHE - Showing unexpected power. Pushing for Atlanta in 2004

2. JOHNNY ESTRADA - What more can you ask for? .380 average

3. WILSON BETEMIT - Heating up in Richmond. Castilla's Replacement?

4. JEFF FRANCOEUR - Hard to leave him out of top 5; Putting together solid season

5. ANDY MARTE - Starting to come around in Myrtle Beach; Adjustments take time

6. BRIAN MCCANN - Do we finally have a real deal catching prospect? Looks like it.

7. JAMES JURRIES - A hitting machine the last three weeks

8. KELLY JOHNSON - Power down but average up in AA

9. RYAN LANGERHANS - Will he be promoted in midseason? Probably.

10. CARLOS GUZMAN - Finally putting up numbers Braves thought he could produce

11. ONIL JOSEPH - Leads Sally League in stolen bases

12. BILLY MCCARTHY - Having solid season in AA

13. AARON HERR - May be the surprise of the system. Hitting very well.

14. RICHARD LEWIS - Needs to get OBP up a bit

15. SCOTT THORMAN - Will he bust out in second half? Possibly.

16. NICK GREEN - Richmond 2B could be the next DeRosa

17. YARON PETERS - Former SC star putting up solid numbers

18. MIKE HESSMAN - Good offensive production but average down again

19. CORY ALDRIDGE - Bouncing back nicely but still too many K's

20. GREGOR BLANCO - Needs to get going in Myrtle Beach

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