Is Tim Hudson an ace pitcher?

Bill Shanks wonders if the Braves already have an ace pitcher.

Tim Hudson has now pitched in more games for Atlanta than Oakland. He started off a little slow, but Hudson has developed into a solid starting pitcher for the Braves.

He was 92-39 with the Athletics, and with the Braves Hudson is 89-58. He's been a bit better the last few seasons, going 35-20 with a 3.07 ERA after returning from Tommy John surgery. Before the injury, Hudson was 54-38 with a 3.78 ERA.

In the last two full seasons, Hudson has been pretty solid. He was 17-9 in 2010 and 16-10 in 2011. The ERA in those two seasons was 3.02.

I believe you can called Hudson an ace pitcher. He's someone you can count on for 200 innings per season. He's a pitcher I feel good about being on the mound in big games. And he's been successful at a pretty good rate.

The stats show he's back to more of what he was like with Oakland, and there's little down he was one of three aces with the A's. That's when they also had Barry Zito and Mark Mulder in the rotation.

But what do you think? Is Hudson an ace pitcher? And if not, do the Braves need to go get one, or is the need for offense too dire to even worry about another starting pitcher?

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