UPDATED: List of Draftees and Signings

Bill Shanks has the latest update on who has been signed from the 2003 draft class, those who still haven't signed the dotted line.

BOLD denotes a signed player

Sup    Luis Atilano, RHP
Sup    Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
2.        Jo Jo Reyes, LHP
2.        Paul Bacot, RHP
3.        Jacob Stevens, LHP
3.        Matt Harrison, LHP
4.        Jaime Romak, 3B
5.        Chris Vines, RHP
6.        Asher Demme, RHP
7.        Ryan Basner, RHP
8.        Sean White, RHP
9.        Adam Stanley, LHP
10.      Brad Nelson, RHP
11.      Glenn Tucker, RHP
12.      Casey Spanish, OF
13.      Mark Jurich, OF
14.      Steve Doetsch, OF
15.      Ben Thomas, 3B
16.      Cole Armstrong, C

17.      Keith Eichas, 1B
18.      Keith Weiser, LHP
19.      Andy Barden, C
20.      Kyle Bakker, LHP
21.      Brooks Brown, OF
22.      Jacob Blakeney, RHP
23.      Jaime Hemingway, OF

24.     Brandon Jones, OF
25.     Quentin Berry, OF
26.     C.J. Bressoud, C
27.     Brandon Berdoll, LHP
28.     Kyle Perry, RHP
29.     Drew Shetrone, RHP
30.     Jonny Benters, LHP
31.     Jon Schaus, RHP
32.     Larry Williams, 1B
33.     Daniel Strange, RHP
34.     Michael Gibbs,, RHP
35.     Daniel Rios, 1B
36.     Justin Phillips, SS
37.     Cody Pyle, 3B
38.     Eric Chown, RHP
39.     Eugene Edwards, 1B
40.     Joey Doan, RHP
41.     John Ray, C
42.     Marcus Covington, RHP
43.     Zech Zinicola, RHP
44.     Tony Portugal, RHP
45.     David Crook, LHP
46.     Lyall Foran, C
47.     Joe Northrup, RHP
48.     Tony Harris, LHP
49.     Kyle Price, 2B
50.     John Scaglione, RHP

Post Draft Free Agent Signings
Justin Saltalamacchia
Brian Stoecklein
Carl Loedenthal
Mike Hanson
Scott Schade
Steve Pyzik

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