Transaction Analysis: 6/16

In Andrew's latest Transaction Analysis he takes a look at Jason Marquis getting the call back up to Atlanta. Has he reinvented himself, as his numbers from Richmond seem to say?

  • Placed RHP Roberto Hernandez on the 15 day disabled list. (6/12)
  • Recalled RHP Jason Marquis from AAA Richmond. (6/12)

    Well, it's not Joe Dawley and his amazing Technicolor earned run average, but Jason Marquis will have to do. And as 6th starter/AAA insurance go, you can do a lot worse than a guy with Marquis' stuff and experience.

    Indeed, Marquis seems to have re-discovered something down at Richmond. The 3.26 ERA is nice, but also encouraging are the 46 Ks in 60 innings pitched. One of the most perplexing and disappointing aspects of Marquis' big league career has been his lack of strikeouts in spite of rather extraordinary stuff. Seeing him re-gain some sort of strikeout feel raises hope that Marquis can be a big part of the Braves future. Jason Marquis deserves a call-up.

    But not this call-up. His one relief appearance this year aside, Marquis is a starter, not a set-up man. And right now, the Braves could really use a competent bullpen arm, not a starter's arm ill-suited to the rigors of the bullpen.

    The Braves could have put these 2 weeks to good use by adding a Richmond reliever to the 40 man roster spot now vacated by Billy Sylvester. Calling up one of Buddy Hernandez, Travis Phelps, or Bobby M Jones and evaluating them at the major league level would have accomplished something. Instead, we're likely to see Jason Marquis languish in a mop-up/long reliever role in the back of the bullpen for 15 days. It will take a tremendous leap of faith for Bobby Cox to trust Marquis in the high leverage situations that he would need to be used in to justify the call-up.

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