Horacio Ramirez Chat Wrap

Missed out on Thursday's Horacio Ramirez chat? Read on to see the answers to YOUR questions, straight from the mouth of Horacio "Hollywood" Ramirez.

After seeing you pitch in spring training, I became a quick fan of yours. You have done a great job so far this season. What do you think is the biggest difference between pitching in AA and pitching at the major league level? Thanks and I hope to see you in the Braves rotation for years to come.

The biggest difference between the two is the consistency of the hitting....They are more disciplined....

Why do they call you "Hollywood"?

Ray King gave me that one...I don't know why...Maybe because I am from Inglewood (CAL)...

Someone please ask him if he is disappointed that Glavine (another lefty, a HOFer) isn't available now to help him at this level.

I was disappointed that I didn't get to talk to him much last year when I got called up. But Greg has been the guy that really helped me up here this year.

What do you think you do best and what do you feel you need to work on?

I always try to keep my team in the game, no matter if I have my good stuff or not. I need to work on my changeup...

Hey horacio, what team did you root for growing up? and what pitcher did you idolize? Thanks

I grew up watching the Dodgers and idolized Fernando Valenzuela and Nolan Ryan...

How would you compare your arm before and after your surgery? Have you changed your pitching style at all because of the surgery?

My arm is better than before the surgery, but I go through more to keep it healthy. My style is the same as before....aggressive...

With all the SP in your organization, do you feel any pressure to stay in the rotation?

I don't pay attention to anybody but myself. I have enough to worry about up here...I just focus on my stuff and it takes care of itself.

How was the minor league system, particularly with the pitchers?

Every single pitching coach I had I took something from and applied it to my pitching style.

Who is the toughest hitter you have faced?

Alex Escobar, when he was in Capital City (Mets) in A ball. He got like 10 straight hits off me. He was tough. Ken Harvey (KC) was tough, too.

What are your long and short term goals?

My long term goal is to be a Brave as long as possible. My short term goal is to get better, improve, win games.

Do you or any of the other guys in the clubhouse play fantasy baseball - and if so, would you start yourself against the Devil Rays this weekend?

No, not that I know of. I would of course start myself tomorrow against the Devil Rays or against any team.

(Editor's Note) That was a final attempt at humor by Horacio.

BravesCenter.com thanks Horacio for his time and wishes him luck in the future.

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