Five Minutes With: Marcus Giles

All Star Braves second baseman Marcus Giles spent five minutes with He fires off about his approach to the game, OPS, and much much more.

BC: How would you define your approach to this season?

Giles: #1, coming into the season you have to bear down and win your job, because the job is not yours. Before the season everyone was saying that the job was mine, but they were saying that the year before and it didn't work out that way, so you don't take anything for granted.

BC: Talk about the improvement in your OPS this season.

Giles: When you take pitches, you're working into a better hitters count. When you're swinging at borderline pitches early in the count is when you find yourself in a hole.

If you're disciplined enough at the plate, somebody like Chipper, that kind of hitter, or Furcal for that matter, he's getting into a lot of hitter's counts and now he's got 12 homers to show for it.

Fookee really knows how to get on base, really knows how to take pitches, and he is great example for me to hit behind.

And then you've got Sheff and Chipper hitting behind you, so you don't have to be the brunt of the offense, you need to let them do it. So my job is to get on base and let them drive me in. I would much rather have 100 runs than 100 RBI.

BC: How would you describe Furcal?

Giles: When I played with him in A-ball (Myrtle Beach) this is the kind of player he was. I think he needed to get a little bit more comfortable and get some reps under his belt. He's playing with a lot of confidence right now, and when he plays that way, good things are going to happen.

BC: Are you thinking about the All-Star game at all?

Giles: Nah, absolutely not. It's flattering, but that's just the half way point for me. Right now I am just worried about my hitting, because I'm not hitting well right now, and of course winning ball games.

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