Hoops Practice Notebook (3/4)

Come inside for exclusive notes and tidbits from today's practice.

Player Spotlight: Ryan Manuel

Nick Russell had some exceptional passes out there at practice today whether it was alley oops or fast break, they were crisp. Russell continued his good play, making most of his shots.

Yanick Moreira looked pretty good out there. He was much more explosive and active on the floor.

Both seniors played well today. Shawn Williams hit a couple threes and rarely missed overall.

When the team was doing driving drills, there were plenty of thunderous dunks. Even Jonathan Wilfong got up for one.

The team was pretty loose. A lot of the guys were joking and laughing.

Crandall Head rejected an alley oop attempt from Sterling Brown to Keith Frazier on the first possession of 4 on 3.

Head also had a nice no-look alley oop pass to Ben Moore a few minutes after the rejection.

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