Markakis vs. Heyward

Here is a comparison of Nick Markakis and Jason Heyward.

Here is a comparison of Jason Heyward, former Braves right fielder, and Nick Markakis, the new Braves right-fielder.

Heyward: Just turned 25 on August 9
Markakis: Just turned 31 on November 17

Career Batting Average:
Heyward: .262
Markakis: .290

Career On Base Percentage:
Heyward: .351
Markakis: .358

Career Slugging Percentage:
Heyward: .429
Markakis: .435

Career OPS:
Heyward: .781
Markakis: .793

Career vs. LHP:
Heyward: .221
Markakis: .288

Career vs. RHP:
Heyward: .281
Markakis: .291

Career average games played per season:
Heyward: 136.2
Markakis: 151.7

Career number of 100-strikeout seasons:
Heyward: 2 of 5
Markakis: 2 of 9

Career WAR:
Heyward: 24.5
Markakis: 25.2

2014 vs. LHP:
Heyward: .169
Markakis: .280

2014 vs. RHP:
Heyward: .304
Markakis .274

Career Fielding Percentage:
Heyward: .987
Markakis: .994

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