Braves trade Salcedo for Trepagnier

The Braves somehow rid themselves of a former top prospect.

Edward Salcedo was introduced with great fanfare almost five years ago. The Braves boasted of how they spent $1.6 million dollars on a kid they believed would possibly be a replacement for Chipper Jones.

That is what was whispered when Salcedo was signed. The Braves believed he was that good, with that much potential. Instead, it was also whispered that Salcedo was not as young as the Braves claimed. And there was some surprise the Braves paid that much money for a player no other team deemed that valuable.

Salcedo never reached the potential the Braves thought he had. He reached Triple-A last year, but he troubled in the field and never developed the bat the Braves believed would be his ticket to the big leagues.

The Braves traded Salcedo Thursday night to the Pittsburgh Pirates for minor league reliever Bryton Trepagnier, a 6-4 right-hander who was a late-round draft pick in 2010.

Last season in High-A Trepagnier pitched in 38 games and had nine saves and a 2.53 ERA. He had 34 hits allowed in 53.1 innings, with 33 walks and 40 strikeouts.

Trepagnier is expected to battle for a spot on the Double-A roster in Mississippi during spring training.

Salcedo hit .230 in his five minor league seasons with the Braves. His best season was in Rome in 2011 when he hit .248 with 12 home runs and 68 RBI.

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