Move Cameron Maybin up in the batting order

Paging Fredi Gonzalez. Move your center fielder up in the batting order.

We all know lineup construction will never be Fredi Gonzalez's strength as a manager. In fact, his lineup construction is awful. His musical lineups have not helped a team that needs all the help it can get this season.

Here's one thing that needs to happen, like Wednesday night. Cameron Maybin needs to be moved up in the batting order. Batting Maybin eighth is silly.

Maybin is now hitting .253 on the season with a .350 on base percentage. He's on pace for a career-high 16 home runs and a career-high 60 runs batted in. Maybin is having the best season of his career, which has really been a disappointment when you see his highest home run total is nine and his highest RBI number was 45.

In May, Maybin is hitting .319 with a .407 OBP. Okay, so he's hit .296 as the eighth-place hitter, with a .415 OBP. Is that really why Gonzalez would keep him that low in the order? This lineup needs people who are getting on base. It needs people who can also knock people in, and you have to wonder if Maybin could be effective and help the Braves more if he were higher in the order.

Why bat Todd Cunningham fifth? He has no power and is a singles hitter. Put Maybin up there. Nick Markakis also has no power and he's the cleanup hitter right now. Whatever, Fredi.

The manager finally moved Jace Peterson up in the order. It was time. Now he needs to move Maybin up there as well. Markakis needs to be hitting third, with Freddie Freeman fourth. So put Maybin at second or fifth.

Just don't hit one of your hottest hitters eighth.

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