What are the Braves on pace for?

Bill Shanks takes a look at what the Braves players are on pace for with one-third of the season completed. How many wins might Alex Wood have this season?

The Atlanta Braves are at the one-third mark of the season. They are 26-28, which puts them on pace for 78 wins and 84 losses if this pace continues.

Let’s use simple multiplication. Let’s take the stats of the players and multiply that by three to see what the Braves are on pace for this season.

We start with Freddie Freeman, who is hitting .303 with an on base percentage of .367, 17 doubles, 10 home runs and 33 RBI. He would finish with 48 doubles, 30 home runs (a career-high) and 99 RBI if he continues this pace for the remaining 108 games.

Cameron Maybin is a great story. He’s hitting .280 with a .360 OBP in his first season for the Braves, with five home runs, 25 RBI and eight stolen bases. So Maybin is on pace for 15 home runs, 75 RBI and 24 stolen bases.

Jace Peterson is hitting .262 with a .335 on base percentage. He’s on pace for three home runs and 66 runs batted in, with 18 stolen bases. Andrelton Simmons has a .268 batting average with a .320 OBP, three home runs and 23 RBI. That puts him hoping for a season with nine home runs and 69 RBI.

Nick Markakis is at .307 with a .397 OBP in his first season with the Braves. He has yet to hit a home run this season, but Nick is on pace for 45 RBI.

Jonny Gomes is at .200 with a .268 OBP, with three home runs and 10 RBI. Can Gomes reach nine home runs and 30 RBI? A.J. Pierzynski is at .273 with a .316 OBP, four home runs and 21 RBI. If he continues to get at bats (and he shouldn’t), Pierzynski would hit 12 home runs and drive in 63.

Kelly Johnson is due back next week from an injury. He was hitting .259 with a .310 OBP, six home runs and 18 RBI. That puts Johnson on pace for 18 home runs and 54 RBI for the season.

As for the pitchers, Shelby Miller is on pace for 15 wins, while Alex Wood and Julio Teheran are on pace for 12 apiece. Mike Foltynewicz is on pace for nine, but he should get about eight additional starts that would give him a shot at 10 or 11 wins at the least.

Miller is on pace for 213 innings, while Wood (186) and Teheran (183) would fall short of 200 innings.

Jason Grilli is on pace for 45 saves, which would be tremendous considering he is replacing Craig Kimbrel, who is on pace for a career-low 36 saves for San Diego. Kimbrel also has a 4.74 ERA in his first 21 games.

By the way, the Cardinals were at the one-third mark of the season before Friday’s game. Jason Heyward was hitting .251 with a .298 on base percentage, five home runs, 17 RBI and six stolen bases. That puts him on pace for 15 home runs, 51 RBI and 18 stolen bases.

The Padres one-third mark was before Wednesday’s game against the Mets. Justin Upton was hitting .294 with a .355 on base percentage, 12 home runs, 36 RBI and 10 stolen bases. That put him on pace for 36 home runs, 108 RBI and 30 stolen bases. Upton will definitely be getting the big money. Heyward? Well, it is up to him to get better in the next 108 games to get the contract he will believe he deserves.

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