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The Atlanta Braves Offense is on a Historic Pace of Futility

We knew the Atlanta Braves offense was bad. We knew this offense was anemic, but these stats are mind numbing.

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We hear all the time in baseball about a small sample size. With a small enough sample size, you can pretty much use stats to back up any point. 

However, we’re 20 games into the season now. That’s a decent sample size as we close out the first month of the season. We know the Atlanta Braves are bad. We know the offense is bad, but just how bad is it?

The Atlanta Braves are slugging .280 with a .579 OPS. Let’s put that into perspective. 

    • The Pittsburgh Pirates have a higher batting average than the Braves have slugging percentage at .293 vs. .280

    • The Braves .280 slugging percentage is a full 63 points lower than the next worse team the LA Angels. To put THAT into perspective if we added 63 points to the Angels’ .343, the Angels would be in 14th place. So, the 29th worst slugging team in the majors is closer to being 14th than 30th.

    • Do the same exercise with the OPS and the Braves are 67 points behind the Angels who are 29th in that category as well. Add 67 points to LA’s .646 and .713 would move the Angels up to 17th. The Braves need to add 67 points just to not be in last any more.

    •  The Braves were last in slugging and OPS in 2015, but a full 79 points higher in slugging at .359 and 94 points higher in OPS at .674.

    •  In the last 50 years, only one team has had a slugging percentage below .300 for an entire season. The 1972 Texas Rangers slugged .290. The Braves will have to heat up to match that futility.

    • In 2013 Melvin Upton (then B.J.) had a slugging percentage of .289 and an OPS of .557. His slugging percentage would actually improve the 2016 Braves.

    • The Braves have three home runs, the next worst team is Miami at 13. 10 more for Miami and they’re tied for 11th. 10 more for the Braves, and they’re still tied for last in the Majors.

    • 102 players have at least three home runs.

    • The Braves are ninth with 174 strikeouts. No power and bad contact.

    •  It’s no surprise that the Braves are last in MLB in runs scored.

With only one team in 50 years slugging below .300 the odds seem to be in Atlanta’s favor that it has to get better. It has to… right?

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