International signings and the draft improve Braves depth for the future

So how does the depth chart look after the international signings?

Jake Schrader
Joey Meneses
Juan Yepez
Ramon Osuna
Carlos Castro
Griffin Benson
SUMMARY: Not a huge need for a prospect with Freeman under contract for several more years, and he's obviously not going anywhere. Yepez may be the most interesting prospect, but he's hurt. The Braves want to see more of him at the plate.

Ozzie Albies
Omar Obregon
Luke Dykstra
Matt Gonzalez
Gabe Howell
Yunior Severino
SUMMARY: Albies takes over next season. Dykstra is becoming interesting, but he's more of a reserve possibility for the future. I think Severino may be a second baseman, but he's years away.

Daniel Castro
Dansby Swanson
Johan Camargo
Alejandro Salazar
Marcus Mooney
Derian Cruz
Livian Soto
SUMMARY: Swanson takes over next season. It's deep now, with Cruz and Soto. Camargo could still be a MLB reserve.

Rio Ruiz
Carlos Franco
Jordan Edgerton
Austin Riley
Kevin Maitan
Yenci Pena
SUMMARY: If Ruiz could show consistency, he might get a shot. Riley is doing just okay this year in Rome, but he still has potential. Circle 2020 as a potential ETA for Maitan.

Dustin Peterson
Leudys Baez
Justin Ellison
Joseph Daris
Anthony Concepcion
J.B. Moss
SUMMARY: Peterson is making a strong case that he could be more than just a reserve. He's hitting well and has played well in LF.

Connor Lien
Ronald Acuna
Ray-Patrick Didder
Cristian Pache
SUMMARY: Braves still believe Acuna will be a star. Pache is off to a great start in the GCL. Lien has potential to be a reserve.

Braxton Davidson
Keith Curcio
Isranel Wilson
Randy Ventura
Tyler Neslony
SUMMARY: At some point, Davidson needs to take off.

Joe Odom
Williams Astudilo
Jonathan Morales
Tanner Murphy
Lucas Herbert
Collin Yelich
Brett Cumberland
Abrahan Gutierrez
SUMMARY: Odom has done well. Herbert is still really young. Cumberland could pass Herbert quickly. Gutierrez is a long-term prospect, obviously. This position looks a lot better now.


OVERALL SUMMARY: Well, it's better. The draft (particularly Cumberland) and now the international signings make some positions better. They still need outfielders, at least a few more.  

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