Spring Training Report: 2/28

Bill Shanks and Jason Walker report in from Braves Camp in Orlando. What's the latest? Paul Byrd on his way back; Gryboski looking good; Brett Evert with a new delivery...

First it was obvious that Paul Byrd is on his way back. He threw 65 pitches today in the bullpen under the watchful eye of Leo Mazzone and Bobby Cox. He looked good folks. Like it or not, he's coming back. His breaking stuff was moving pretty good. He told our Jason Walker afterwards that he felt he threw his last 30 pitches better than he threw his first 30 pitches.

Kevin Gryboski looked much better today than yesterday, when he had to stop early. We'll see how long this lasts.

I watched Blaine Boyer throw BP on a back field. His stuff looked nasty. His slider was moving. He'll pitch on Wednesday against the Bulldawgs.

Brett Evert has a small difference in his delivery and looked good. He's trying to keep that fastball in the mid-90's.

Kelly Johnson played a bit at third today. Don't start up the rumor mill. He moved quickly back to short however.

Wilson Betemit told me his wrist is fine. He's in great shape and is ready to go. He feels he can win a job in Atlanta.

I've got two words for you to get excited about the upcoming 2004 season: Adam LaRoche! He's the man!

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